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The New customization UI and Mrcro editing in ZW210SP1CAM

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 The New customization UI and Mrcro editing in ZW210SP1CAM
06-12-2010 03:15 . am   |   View his/her posts only
In ZW3D2010 CAM the new function of edit Macro for Post processor customization has been added into.

In another word, you can customize the post processor more freely.

And the UI is more friendly, the operation also become more easy.

For more information Please browse the website:

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06-12-2010 07:14 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Two questions Roy. Does the post processor finally come with documentation on how to use it? Is there ever going to be any explanation as to what the various machine posts do and which one to use in which situation?

Posting code to my mill has been a problem since V9 and I am going to write this so the new developers and owners can be aware of what I have gone through. Up until V 13 there was not a stock post for my HaasVF3. Haas is probably the most common mill type in the US and the same control is on all units and this should not have been a problem. Pat, a past employee would have to set one up for me for basically every version as there were none in the post library that worked. Editing NC files has never worked and today up to V14.5 for instance I can delete but can't replace. So my mill crawls along at F12 instead of say F200 because thats what the cam plan outputs and I can't change the feed rate. I count 12 Fanuc posts that may be usefull on my mill but no one can tell me what most do as they were written by a past employee with no documentation. I have used Fanuc basic inch for instance as I am afraid to try other posts without knowing what they do as possibly crashing a mill is not something I want to do. So from V9 to V14 we have no viable NC code editor and we still as of yet also have no way to post code to the mill. I have used my Surfcam DNC from day one with VX because VX has never worried about how your cam plan gets to the mill. Now some of this may be corrected in ZW, I have not tried it yet there. I know, as I have been told before there are third party programs to do this but why should I have to buy these in addition to VXZW when they should be a part of a program that claimed to be "end to end"?

These things being posted here about post processor editing and Transmagic are very encouraging. It is my hope that this is a sign that some of these rough edges will soon go away.
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