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ZW3D Update to SP1

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 ZW3D Update to SP1
23-12-2010 12:11 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Ladies and gentlemen,

Several of you have reported an issue in CAM output. A problem was found with QuickMill operations when you turn "Enable Arcs" ON.
If you use this type of operation you are going to want to download the SP1 update. Ask your reseller for a link (since there are now several language options).
The testing that we have been able to do shows that this update probably covers most issues but there are a few that still remain.

There can still be a problem with Quick Mill XY arcs written into the .CL file. The problem exists if the user requests his output in any of the following "Toolpath Space" settings:

1) "Local" which is not recommended except for special circumstances.

2) Output Frames with a primary axis parallel to the XZ or YZ planes.

These are not common, but a user might be doing these things.

If ZW will issue a specific patch for these cases they will need to poll the partners to determine if they are in need of that patch.

We are probably good for better than 90% of users - maybe a lot more. I don't know. Again this is a problem with output only. After installing this update, recreate your output files.

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