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Attention to ZW3D 2011 Graphic performance

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 Attention to ZW3D 2011 Graphic performance
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Graphic problem

Q: I experience the highlight problem, does it fix in the official release? And my graphic driver is up-to-date.
A: it did happen during the beta period, please download the official release, it fixed the problem.

Q: Why ZW3D 2011 shows unexpected highlight, while it works fine in ZW3D 2010?
A: The graphic performance of ZW3D 2011 has been improved, and it use kinds of advanced APIs of ATI and NVIDIA, please download the latest corresponding ATI or NVIDIA driver for your graphic card, and it will fix the highlight problem and increase the graphic performance. If it still exist, go to the ATI or NVIDIA Control panel, find the option "3D settings" > Adjust image setting with preview > the default is Quality, and change from Quality to Performance, it will fix the problem.
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