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2012 Release features?

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 2012 Release features?
23-11-2011 04:32 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Hi Support,
will there be or is there a list of features and fixes that will be incorporated into ZW3D 2012?

For instance will DE support non native models?

Would be good to know just where it is going or are we just spinning the wheels.

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30-11-2011 10:16 . am   |   View his/her posts only

There will be a list of new features generated for 2012 as we get closer. Right now, a list would be premature and incomplete. ...Turning (this has already been announced here)... so I won't attempt to steal the thunder. If someone from GZ wants to add something, feel free to jump in at the appropriate time.

DE. The fact is that DE was designed for and currently works on non-native models. This was introduced in 2011. There is the added benefit of being able to use DE functionality on ZW3D models as well. This eliminates the need to "step thru" the history to find the exact command to edit and then continue regening the rest of the history.

A quick review of DE may be helpful here:

ZW3D 2011 features a next generation 3D SmoothFlow Direct Edit design paradigm. SmoothFlow Direct Edit will make ZW3D 2011 the fastest, most effective 3D CAD system available anywhere. It combines the speed and flexibility of direct modeling with the precise control of dimension-driven designs, without losing the features and functionality of history-based modeling. You can modify features on both open and closed models quickly and effectively on native or imported geometry without history regeneration.

That is the Marketing answer. Here is what it does when the rubber hits the road.

To take advantage of this paradigm there are several geometry commands that have changed. We could always offset a simple face of an imported part, add draft or fillets. Now more complex shapes can be edited without regening the history. Holes can be moved or totally redefined. Existing Fillet geometry can be edited.

Direct edit
When this option is on, the command extends or trims faces as
needed during the move, copy, mirror and pattern operations to keep the faces attached to
the part and to close gaps. The command also attempts to
rebuild fillets that may be adjacent to the affected faces.
When this option is off, faces are moved rigidly, without
adjusting their boundaries, which can produce gaps in the part
and can leave the faces disconnected. Using this command with
this option turned off is similar to applying the Explode Face
command to the faces before they are moved.

"Direct edit" documentation for face offset --------

When this option is on, the command extends or trims faces as
needed during the offset operation to close gaps and resolve
intersections. The result is similar to setting Side faces to
Create, Extension to Linear, and Intersections to Remove all,
although additional actions may occur for special situations
not handled by the latter options. When this option is off,
the Side faces, Extension and Intersections options control
how faces are modified. This option must be turned off to use
the variable offset functionality on the Advanced tab.

2 more commands use the Direct Edit paradigm. Modify Fillet and Modify Hole

Modify Fillet :

Use this Direct Edit command to modify (i.e., tweak) fillet faces without history regen. In addition to tweaking the fillet radius, the optional inputs are a subset of the Edge Fillet command and include adding Relief at corners and modifying the cross-section Arc type used to define the fillet.

Modify Hole :

Similar to the Hole Feature command, it can be used to create simple, tapered, counterbore, countersink and spot face holes are supported with different end type options including blind and through all by modifying the selected surface. With hole features you can also incorporate attributes that can be extracted by other ZW3D levels (e.g., Drawing Sheet and CAM).

These attributes include threads, tolerances and call out labels. You can load and save hole attribute bundles allowing you to develop custom hole libraries. The hole preview echo will display in red if the supplied hole parameters are invalid for the given application.

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08-12-2011 08:43 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Hey Mike, just got an email offer to upgrade to 2012 for 50% off list! who do i talk to to take advantage of this???

BTW i searched local resellers in the US and none were listed. Are you guys operating under the radar or have you moved out of the country??

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08-12-2011 08:08 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Dear Scott,

Although the ZW3D 2012 version is still on internal testing now, and the list is still premature and incomplete, we appreciate your interest in ZW3D 2012 .
I would happy to sent you the list by email when it has been finished.
Thank you


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13-12-2011 02:51 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Hi Mike,
thanks for the heads up on 2012.
Please add more stuff here as you can as it really helps keep some enthusiasm.
Would be nice to be notified when a new post arrives too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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