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About ZwCAD Software Co., Ltd

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 About ZwCAD Software Co., Ltd
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Company Overview

  • Exclusive focus on providing the most reliable CAD solutions and services for engineers and architects at an affordable price
  • Deep-rooted DWG CAD expertise.
  • Deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction and productivity.

  • About ZwCAD

    ZwCAD Software Co., Ltd. is based in Guangzhou (China) with branches in Taipei and New York (USA). ZwCAD is a world-leading CAD software provider and has over 15 software patents. We focus on offering a highly reliable DWG-based CAD solution -- ZwCAD at an affordable price.

    ZwCAD partners with the world抯 best technology organizations to provide the underlying technology in our products: ZwCAD is a commercial member of IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC, ) and share the CAD technology with other 30 CAD developers. ZwCAD is a Founding Member of Open Design Alliance (ODA, ) so that we can provide high quality DWG/DXF compatibility to our customers. We also partner with Microsoft, Spatial and selected university research institutes.

    With over 15 years experience in CAD development, selling and support, ZwCAD, which based on latest IntelliCAD version, is a low-cost AutoCAD alternative for designers, architects and engineers. Many of the leading industrial groups use ZwCAD; for example: Honda, CIMS, Matsush*ta Electronic, Haier Group, etc. The reason why they choose ZwCAD as their CAD platform is that ZwCAD can meet their requirement with less CAD budget.

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