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All-in-One CAx: Enable Engineering Ecosystem

May 26-27 16:30 (GMT+8) | Online Event

The oncoming ZWorld 2021 will bring you, your peer designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs closer than ever.

Last year's difficulties haven't slowed our pace or weakened our passion for delivering more value.

Join us online for original insights into the CAx (CAD/CAM/CAE) world!

  • Product


    Get a taste of the novelties of the latest ZWCAD, ZW3D, and the ZWSim series before everyone else.

  • R&D


    Dive deep into the technical aspect of what drives ZWSOFT solutions and CAx technologies better.

  • Industry


    Create amazing things with solutions tailor-made for AEC and MFG industries.

  • Ecosystem


    Brainstorm better ways to build on ZWSOFT products and serve users with developers worldwide.





Day 1 26/05/2021

Open to Anyone

  • Welcome & Warm-up
  • How Far Has ZWSOFT Come
  • All-in-One CAx Strategy: Enable Engineering Ecosystem
  • ZWSOFT Solutions: What’s New & What’s in Store
  • All for Industries: Insights, Solutions, & Collaboration
Day 2 27/05/2021

Exclusive to ZWSOFT Partners

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