• ZWCAD OEM Partner Program
    ZWCAD OEM empowers CAD based application developers and system integrators to build DWG compatible, fast, light and customized solutions. All this with your own brand using ZWCAD technology, which has been proven by over 550,000 users in 80 countries.
  • Build your CAD business with ZWCAD's cutting edge technology
  • You can establish your own business with a strategic cooperation with ZWCAD and provide value added solutions to customers. You can benefit from the following aspects by choosing the advanced ZWCAD technology:

    1. Latest and verified technology
    By applying the continuously improving ZWCAD software, you can use the latest technology in the CAD industry from desktop to mobile.

    2. Independent branding
    By creating your own brand, you are free to establish your own global distribution channels with your solution according to your sales strategy.

    3. Balance between price and CAD features
    By adopting the ZWCAD pricing policy, you can find the perfect balance between price and customized CAD features.

    4. Simple production
    With existing resources from ZWSOFT, you can reduce the time and cost of production, training and marketing.
    MDTCAD is a full and low-cost solution for developing all types of surveying projects such as land surveys, roads, pipes, electrical lines, urbanizations and earthworks.

    It can import points from total stations or GPS coordinate files and generate DTM, contours, profiles, cross-sections and 3D grids. Results can be seen in a viewer with textures and ortophotos assigned to terrain.

    This OEM solution drives MDTCAD to highest performance comparing to other CAD engines.
    Francisco Navarrete Mandly
How to become an OEM partner:
1.Send an email to our OEM business department.
2.Sign a non-disclosure
3.Receive a free development
kit (SDK) as well as all relevant
documents and support.
4.Start business negotiations
and sign an agreement before
the product release.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between ZWCAD and ZWCAD OEM?
ZWCAD is targeted towards traditional CAD users. ZWCAD OEM is a customizable CAD engine which allows third party application developers and system integrators to customize the CAD functions and interface and build their own brand CAD solutions.

Can customers run ZWCAD OEM side by side with other ZWCAD based applications?
This can be done with our licensing management system.

What is the price policy for ZWCAD OEM?
Our pricing policy is related to the customization level that you require and your business plan.

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