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ZW3D 2016 Beta to Deliver More Intuitive & Interactive Product Design

January 26, 2016

ZW3D today annouced the availability of ZW3D 2016 Beta, delivering much more collaborative product design to connect seamlessly your upstream & downstream partners.

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SimLab Composer for ZW3D Released to Deliver High-End Visualizations&Simulation

December 15, 2015

ZW3D has teamed up with SimLab Composer, one of the best 3D scene building and sharing programs, to create high-quality visualizations and run dynamic simulation analysis.

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Kamal Mould Chooses ZW3D to Upgrade Dies and Mould Production

November 18, 2015

Kamal Mould, a reputed manufacturer and supplier of Dies and Moulds, chooses ZW3D for upgrading dies and mould production.

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China Merchants Aluminum Selects ZW3D for Innovation and Development

October 27, 2015

CMA, the first aluminum fabrication plant in China, selects ZW3D for innovation and development.

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BESSEY Chose ZW3D for the Innovations of Clamps

October 22, 2015

ZW3D has been chosen by BESSEY Tool GmbH & Co. KG (BESSEY), a long-established German manufacturer and provider of bright and stainless steels.

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