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For AEC Industries

For AEC Industries

A “ZWCAD + Industry-Specific Add-ons” Ecosystem to

Boost the Digitalization of AEC Enterprises

AEC Challenges

Against the backdrop of faster digitalization, AEC companies aim to transform and thrive by promoting the digital design system and informatization.
Since CAD tools are widely used by them and fundamental to their digitalization, they are, in general, confronted by the following challenges.

ZWSOFT Solutions

ZWSOFT Solutions

Self-developed 2D CAD core technologies and APIs to build a “ZWCAD + Industry-Specific Add-ons” ecosystem that
provides R&D-level support and helps drive company growth



  • Innovative 2D and 3D CAD

    With the self-developed 2D and 3D CAD/CAE/CAM core technologies and strong R&D capabilities of ZWSOFT, enterprises' needs for applying CAD and 3D BIM modeling are well catered for.

  • Sustainable Ecosystem for Vertical Applications

    The sustainable ecosystem for ZWCAD and AEC add-ons will provide users with more efficient, more affordable, and more innovative alternatives for accomplishing projects fast.

  • Self-Developed and Copyrighted

    The legal use of software is in compliance with copyright law and protects enterprises from risks. ZWSOFT CAD products are reliable solutions to help you prosper without software mishap in the long run.

  • Localized Service

    A network of local teams worldwide quickly respond to various technical requests such as training, demonstration, and function development, which ensures smooth usage and upgrade.

Customer Success Stories

A great many users in AEC fields, such as construction, real estate, and gardening choose ZWCAD and related solutions