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ZW3D has been selected by TAIYO YUDEN for its sophisticated CAM te...

2018-07-06 17:38:00 809

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TAIYO YUDEN has experienced increased demands for high-quality and precision products. The insufficient CAM functions cannot meet their production requirements and thus restrict their development. To stay ahead of the competition, TAIYO YUDEN must constantly enhance their products, so they are increasingly seeking out more efficient CAD/CAM solutions with less financial investment.






After in-depth research and testing, ZW3D was selected by TAIYO YUDEN to help optimize productivity.

ZW3D managed to cover most of their manufacturing needs and CAM requirements. Engineers can transfer their creative ideas from design sketches and images into 3D models, process more efficient simulation and conduct manufacturing faster than ever before. In addition, the seamless workflow between design and manufacturing greatly reduces the design cycle and ramps up projects.

Data exchange has also been improved with the increased compatibility with mainstream 2D and 3D design software. TAIYO YUDEN usually uses 2D CAD for drafting and sketching, before importing the data to 3D design software for simulation and computer-aided manufacturing. Accurately converting 2D data will contribute to improving working efficiency and raising productivity.





“There have been concerns when choosing to use new 3D design software, but ZW3D relieves our doubts with its excellence in strong data compatibility and the efficient conversion from 2D to 3D. We can now cooperate with our manufacturer in a more efficient way.”

--- An engineer from Design Department in TAIYO YUDEN

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