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Terms of Sale - ZWSOFT Store

This Contract is made between you (hereinafter referred to as "Party A") and the owner of the website of ZWSOFT Online Store (hereinafter referred to as "the Store", website: https://www. zwsoft.com/store/), ZWSOFT Co., LTD.(Guangzhou) (hereinafter referred to as "Party B"), regarding your purchase of ZWSOFT software products and services (including but not limited to software and services, etc.). This Contract is a legal document binding on both you and ZWSOFT. You should carefully read all the contents of this Contract regarding your purchase of ZWSOFT software products and services (including but not limited to software and services, etc.) before purchase. Whether or not you actually carefully read the contents of this Contract before buying products on the ZWSOFT Online Store, once submission of orders steps are finished in this web site, it indicates that you have read and agreed to and accepted all the terms and conditions contained in this Contract, then you should not claim that this Contract is invalid, or demand its cancellation on the ground of not reading the content of this Contract or not getting answers to your inquiries from ZWSOFT.


I. Product information

When placing an order in the Store, Party A can see the product introduction, service support and other product and service information under the products to be purchased. Such information is the general information of the corresponding products and services. Due to the continuous updating and perfection of the software and the improvement of the services, the specific information, functions and services of the products purchased by Party A shall be subject to the physical products received and the provisions of this Contract.


II. Product (commodity) price and order

1.Software or services or other products provided by the Store are referred to as "Commodities" or "Goods". The price, quantity and other relevant information of Commodities in the Store are subject to change at any time without special notice. Therefore, the price of Commodities hereunder shall be subject to the price shown in the "Invoice" after Party A places the order.

2. When you browse Commodities in the Store and place an order, you must carefully confirm the name, price, quantity, version number, contact address, telephone number, consignee and other information of the Commodities purchased. You shall be liable for the legal consequences of your actions and expressions of intent.


3. This Contract specifically states: Information such as Commodities and prices displayed in the Store is only an invitation to make offers. After you place an order, the computer information system will automatically generate data according to the content filled by you, namely order information; such order is an offer issued by you to the Store. This Contract shall be concluded after the user submits the order and makes payment for the goods, except for the special circumstances specified in Paragraph 6 of Article 2 hereof.


4. No one is allowed to use the Commodities of the Store for buying and selling or other activities that are not authorized by the Store. In case of violation of the regulations, the Store has the right to terminate the purchased products and hold them responsible.


5. Due to the influence of market changes and factors beyond the Store's control, although the Store tries its best to update the inventory status of Commodities according to the actual situation, it cannot be guaranteed that Commodities you want to purchase in the order information submitted will be available; If Commodities you want to purchase or exchange are out of stock, you have the right to cancel the order and receive a full refund of the corresponding Commodities.


6. If the price of Commodities in the Store is abnormal due to network lines, Network service providers, hacker attacks and other reasons, party A's ordering is invalid and no contractual relationship will be formed between Party A and Party B as this Contract is concluded on the basis of a major misunderstanding; In the event that Party A has paid the product price successfully, Party B shall refund the product price to Party A in full without interest.


7. As the Commodities sold in this Store are digital products such as online application and computer software, Party A should buy them after understanding and recognition of the performance of Commodities and the ZWSOFT’s End User Agreement and cautious options. Once the Commodities are purchased, it will be deemed that Party A agrees to relevant contracts and is willing to be bound by them, and at the same time, Party A will no longer enjoy the return and exchange services within 30 days as specified in the User Agreement.

However, if the products are not be activated after purchase, Party A can still launch a return or exchange application to the Store’s customer service (store@zwsoft.com) within 14 days after purchase.


III. Delivery, distribution and acceptance of products and related materials or services

1. Party B will issue serial numbers and relevant information of the purchased products to the user via personal center after Party A has successfully placed orders and paid; upon receipt of the products, Party A shall timely confirm whether the products and relevant materials or services can be used normally.


2. The Store provides payment interface of Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, PayPal, Digital River and other systems. Party A and the payment system adopted are responsible for the security of the payment process, for which this website cannot intervene nor undertake corresponding responsibility


3. After the transaction is completed, Party B shall issue the corresponding electronic invoice according to the products purchased by Party A, which Party A can download by itself from the personal center.


IV. Service categories (only products and services provided by ZWSOFT Co., LTD.(Guangzhou))

1. Professional consulting service of customer service center


Party B shall provide Party A with complete technical consulting services in the form of websiteand Email. Specific response methods and time are as follows:


a.       Website support documents

Party A can find technical support documents by the website help center. (https://www.zwsoft.com/support/zwcad)


b.       Mail service

Technical service email: tech@zwsoft.com (respond within 24 hours on business days)


2. Software product upgrade: ZWSOFT software products will be updated timely to ensure that users get the latest technology and the most practical functions. Party A may choose to upgrade or not.


3. Software product patches: In order to ensure the security of software products, namely the stability of operation, Party B will timely issue product patches and correct the bugs in products according to the technical defects and security loopholes found.


V. Intellectual property rights and liability for infringement

1. Unless otherwise specified, the intellectual property rights of the products sold by Party B shall vest in ZWSOFT Co., LTD. (Guangzhou).


2. Party B warrants that its software is free of any copyright problem. If a third party accuses Party A of infringement of Party B's products purchased by Party A, Party A shall immediately notify Party B and Party B shall promptly negotiate with the third party to avoid party A's losses. If Party A is involved in litigation and suffers losses, Party B shall bear the direct economic losses caused thereby to Party A.


VI. Liability for breach of contract

1.The liquidated damages payable by either party for breach of this Contract shall not exceed the price amount corresponding to the software that caused the breach.


VII. Dispute resolution


Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the interpretation or execution of this Contract shall be settled by parties through friendly negotiation or mediation. If negotiation or mediation fails, either party may file a lawsuit with the people's court at the place where Party B is located.


VIII. Miscellaneous

1. In order to provide you with better service and with the development of our business, these terms and conditions will be modified accordingly. We will remind you of the update of the relevant content by issuing an updated version on the website and by announcing it on the website or by other appropriate means before it takes effect. You may also visit the website to be kept informed of the latest information timely.


2. Party B's address: F/32, No. 15 Zhujiang West Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou.

Tel:+86- 020-38289780, Party B's official website: https://www.zwsoft.com.