Grandland Fangte Chose ZWCAD to Innovate the Architectural Decoration Industry

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Being certificated as “Double-A” in the facade and architectural decoration industry, Shenzhen Grandland Fangte Tech-construction Group Co., Ltd (Grandland Fangte for short) provides services including interior and exterior decoration design, installation and construction, precision manufacturing, and consulting. Over the last decade, Grandland Fangte has been on the cutting edge of the architectural decoration industry relying on its advanced R&D strength and craftmanship spirit.

Grandland Fangte

Figure 1. Grandland Fangte


ZWCAD Integrates with ERP to Boost Digitalization

Facing fierce competition in China, Grandland Fangte regards technological innovation as core competency, and thus applies advanced digital technologies to achieve high-quality design and efficient operation management within the flourishing architectural decoration industry.

By establishing an ERP database in 2013 and realizing the in-depth and seamless integration of the ERP and OA platforms, they keep making progress in streamlining, standardizing and systematizing enterprise management. Their next move would be to further explore and accomplish the integration of different stages of the product lifecycle.

“Since the design data will be integrated into the ERP system, the CAD software needs strong compatibility and robust APIs, and the format of drawing files must be consistent and standardized.” The IT director of Grandland Fangte stated that ZWCAD passed their rigorous tests and proved its mature APIs and strong compatibility, which enables subsequent data integration and expansion of their ERP system.The integration of CAD software and ERP system will further improve the efficiency of design, management, and production, which will boost our informatization effectively.”

A designer from Grandland Fangte is using ZWCAD

Figure 2. A designer from Grandland Fangte is using ZWCAD


ZWCAD: Stable, Fast, and Smart to Satisfy Architectural Design

“We use CAD throughout the workflow, thus we need it to be fast and stable.” The IT director said, “So far, ZWCAD 2022 has been comprehensively applied in our marketing and design departments, realizing a leap in quality and efficiency. We will promote it in other departments as well to unify our design tools and routinize our workflow.”

According to a senior Grandland Fangte designer, the reason why they could easily switch to ZWCAD lies in its versatility and significant features. First of all, ZWCAD can process their large architectural drawings whose sizes range from tens to even hundreds of megabytes smoothly. They can also pan and zoom without getting stuck. Besides, thanks to its powerful compatibility, ZWCAD can directly open and edit drawings, no matter their previous ones or from the outsourcers, enabling smooth interaction and lossless drawing conversion. What’s more, the professional add-ons they often use run stably on ZWCAD, preventing them from relearning or changing design methods. Last but not least, with practical and intelligent design tools in ZWCAD, their design efficiency has been greatly improved. “I like Smart Plot, which can batch print multiple DWG files or frames, and greatly reduces the time of manual work to boost productivity.”

ZWCAD helps Grandland Fangte designer work efficiently

Figure 3. ZWCAD helps Grandland Fangte designer work efficiently


Further Cooperation for Intelligent Construction

To meet the increasing needs of business expansion, Grandland Fangte chose software suppliers according to not only their products but also their core technologies and the ability of sustainable development. The IT director stated that Grandland Fangte is committed to low-carbon buildings and other industrial innovations. With a R&D center focusing on BIM technology, they enhance the ability to innovate and vigorously promote the BIM technologies for facades, which elevates the quality and efficiency from detailed design to the entire project.

As a reliable all-in-one CAx solutions provider, ZWSOFT has commenced building a high-end 3D CAD platform for large-scale engineering projects, and BIM will be the first application on it. “We have learned that ZWSOFT is forging its BIM solution which will support intelligent construction.” The IT director concluded, “Therefore, we believe that the future collaboration with ZWSOFT can be deeper and we can together play a part in the architectural decoration industry which is green, integrated, industrialized, and intelligent.”

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