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ZWCAD Invigorates the Cultural and CAD Heritage of Nowy Sącz

The Nowy Sącz city hall in southern Poland adopts ZWCAD to invigorate the city by urbanizing the facilities with respect for the rich cultural heritage.

2021-09-07 09:23:00 2491

The Nowy Sącz city hall in southern Poland adopts ZWCAD to invigorate the city by urbanizing the facilities with respect for the rich cultural heritage.

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Located in southern Poland, Nowy Sącz is the district capital of Nowy Sącz County as a territorial self-government unit with district rights. It has been a multicultural and multinational city for seven centuries. To pass on such rich cultural heritage, the Nowy Sącz city hall attaches great importance to its urban planning and development.

Figure 1. The NowySącz city hall

Figure 1. The NowySącz city hall

ZWCAD Stands out with Flexibility, Compatibility,and Functionality

“To better conduct urban planning, we needed a CAD program that meets the requirements—flexibility, DWG compatibility, and functionality.” The IT manager of the Organization and Administrative Department explained. Therefore, in early 2020, they carried out software tests to find the most suitable CAD solution. “We were happy to know ZWCAD which meets all our needs from SZANSA (a Polish ZWSOFT partner) and implemented it starting from the second and third quarters of 2020.”

According to the IT manager, a license unlimited in time and nodes, that is, a floating license is important for smoother cooperation among many positions. “Using the flexible floating licenses makes work easier when there are many parties involved and when occasional access is required.” Besides, costs came down because ZWCAD floating licenses can be used to the fullest and they are permanent so that there is no compulsory need for software renewal every year.

Considering that there are heaps of heritage CAD drawings to edit and different teams to communicate plans with, compatibility becomes a priority for the Nowy Sącz city hall. The IT manager introduced, “Here, we have three teams that often use CAD software: the Investment Department and Investor Supervision Team for investment planning and project preview; the Faculty of Architecture for creating and printing development plans. Not to mention parties like our investors and outsourced construction teams. ZWCAD helps ensure that data exchange is lossless, and everyone can use the drawings generated with it swimmingly.”

Figure 2. An urban development plan made with ZWCAD

Figure 2. An urban development plan made with ZWCAD

Speaking of drawing editing, the practical functions of ZWCAD abound and require very little time to master. “Its high level of functionality allows our architects and engineers to quickly edit the DWG files produced in the previous program. They use commands like COPY, MOVE, ROTATE, MIRROR, ARRAY, and STRETCH very frequently without difficulty.” The IT manager added that ZWCAD requires less on the conditions of workstations, saving them some procurement budgets as well.

In addition to the satisfying product, SZANSA and ZWSOFT also provide prompt and professional technical support. “ZWCAD is good value for our money and of excellent quality-price ratio. We are glad that we made the switch to it.” praised the IT manager.

Invigorating the City with Innovative CAD Plans 

For the Nowy Sącz city hall, developing the city to improve the quality of life of residents and increase the competitiveness of the city is their mission; while revitalizing its social, economic, and spatial cohesion sustainably and coherently with respect for cultural heritage is their vision. “Based on our mission and vision, we’ve developed the 2020+ City Development Mission which includes new urbanization plans. As an important part of it, ZWCAD will be applied to make our home a better place,” the IT manager concluded.