IKK Group Implements ZWCAD across All Projects

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The Isam Khairi Kabbani (IKK) Group of Companies is a large, diversified company serving most of the Arab World in the field of manufacturing, construction and trading. With over 14,000 employees, the IKK Group operates through more than 200 divisions in 10 countries, covering all major cities in the Gulf & MENA Regions.

Mohammad Abdeen, Head of Technical Support Department, said, “One of the big arms in IKK companies is KCG which specializes in construction, starting from designing, building to operating.”

IKK Group’s headquarters

Figure 1. IKK Group’s headquarters


Most Affordable and Easy-to-Implement 2D CAD Solution

As a large group actively engaging in the field of manufacturing and construction, the IKK Group has thousands of designers and engineers using CAD software in their daily work. The costs of licenses and staff training are its major criteria for choosing CAD software. Additionally, it’s also important whether the software can be implemented across professionals of different disciplines.

The IKK Group knew of ZWCAD through Orbit Middle East, a local ZWCAD reseller. After testing meetings and workshops held by the reseller, the IKK Group started implementing ZWCAD and purchased more licenses after the first order. Mohammad Abdeen said, “We are looking for a CAD solution that is user-friendly and easy-to-implement. IKK has found ZWCAD the most affordable and easy-to-implement CAD solution. We started with a few users, and we ended up having over 200 users across all construction sites we are working on.”

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals by KCG, subsidiary of IKK Group

Figure 2. King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals by KCG, subsidiary of IKK Group


Zero Training Cost, Responsive Support

ZWCAD has a familiar, user-friendly interface so users can move to it with ease and stay productive. “At first, we thought ZWCAD would be complex, hard to implement. However, we were shocked that the users adapted to it very quickly. And we started using it rapidly across all our projects with minimum training or zero training,” Abdeen added.

ZWSOFT, developer of ZWCAD, has gained recognition from millions of users worldwide for its timely support provided by its local resellers and headquarters. Wissam Harb, Key Accounts Director of Orbit Middle East, said, “We give priority to customers' satisfaction. Considering the IKK Group's needs, we provided an in-depth follow-up and product knowledge transmission to them. This proved that CAD Saudi is worth the trust as it goes beyond support and provides a value-added service.” Abdeen added, Thanks to ZWSOFT for the features improved in ZWCAD, all of our wish list requests were added."

The Louvre Abu Dhabi by KCG, subsidiary of IKK Group

Figure 3. The Louvre Abu Dhabi by KCG, subsidiary of IKK Group 

Infinity Bridge Dubai by KCG, subsidiary of IKK Group

Figure 4. Infinity Bridge Dubai by KCG, subsidiary of IKK Group

Abdeen said, “We believe that long-term customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success. And we are dedicated to satisfying our customers with superior products and services." By switching to ZWCAD, a budget-friendly and easy-to-use CAD solution, the IKK Group can save costs in software investment, improve design efficiency, and finally meet their customers’ needs with more competitive prices and faster delivery.

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