ZWCAD Helps Green Scope Become Steel Contractor of Choice in the UAE

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Founded over a decade ago, Green Scope Steel Industries is one of the leading pre-engineered buildings (PEB) contractors in the United Arab Emirates. It is ISO 9001:2015 certified for design, manufacturing and erection of pre-engineered steel buildings, profile sheets, “z” purlins, and other related PEB accessories.

It provides solutions for pre-engineered steel buildings such as factories, warehouses, workshops, showrooms, multi-story buildings, shopping malls and other special steel structural projects.

Located in Ras Al Khaimah, its factory spreads over an area of 20,000 m² and is equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machinery and equipment. Green Scope strives to deliver premium-quality and cost-effective steel buildings and structures to its customers.

Green Scope Factory

Figure 1. Green Scope's Factory 

As a provider of one-stop PEB solutions, from design, manufacturing, to on-site installation, Green Scope uses a wide range of software every day, such as MBS, STAAD PRO, and TEKLA. Among them, 2D CAD software is necessary for them to do proposal drawings, detailing and more. About one year ago, after careful examination of different CAD software products on the market, Green Scope chose ZWCAD and continues to be pleased with its unrivaled performance.


Less Cost, More Support

In addition to stand-alone licenses, ZWCAD offers network licenses, which means one license can be shared among multiple users. It can reduce a significant amount of cost, well-suited for medium- and large-sized enterprises with large teams. “We can get the licenses from the server, so all our guys didn't need 20 licenses, I can manage with 6 or 10, and share the licenses throughout. So, it's fantastic,” said Vincent Lee, General Manager of Green Scope.

He also added, “We examined a lot of competitors in the market, and not only on price. ZWCAD’s tools and package came out well above the rest. And we got good support when we were using it by ZWCAD itself and the ZWSOFT team.”

Figure 2. Camel Processing Plant & Office Block in Abu Dhab by Green Scope


Work as Comfortably as Before, and Better 

ZWCAD has a simple, user-friendly interface. It is like another widely used CAD program so users can switch to ZWCAD easily and start working on it in a short period of time. Together with easy-to-use commands, helpful shortcuts and comprehensive features, users can complete their work on ZWCAD as comfortably as before.

Osman Bin Awad is Chief Designer at Green Scope. He said, “We have been using ZWCAD for more than a year now and previously we were working in AutoCAD, and we found it really helpful and almost the same as the previous software that we were working on.”

He also added, “We found all the commands helpful, and the user interface is very simple and easy to use. We got all the shortcuts available here, and it's really helping a lot in our day-to-day working progress.”

Beyond that, ZWCAD rivaled its competitors by how compact its files are, making saving and transfer of drawings effortless. “We found all the file sizes are much smaller, which is not consuming a lot of space, and when we are sending a file, it's very convenient and we can send it through our email. So, we found it very helpful,” said Osman Bin Awad.


Figure 3. Project by Green Scope 

Green Scope’s vision is to become a trusted partner in the steel industry renowned for excellence, leadership, and greater values. In the future, ZWSOFT will continue to help Green Scope deliver products and services of the highest standard.

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