Blue Rhine Elevates CAD Productivity Through a Seamless Transition to ZWCAD

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Blue Rhine Elevates CAD Productivity Through a Seamless Transition to ZWCAD

Blue Rhine, headquartered in Dubai since its establishment in 1996, is a prominent leader in the manufacturing and supply of signage, advertising, and LED solutions. With a robust presence in the GCC region, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and Egypt, the company strategically positions its warehousing units and showrooms.

Blue Rhine specializes in crafting customized LED screens, wayfinding signs, and indoor/outdoor signs for diverse sectors including retail, hospitality, healthcare, automotive, government, education, and more. Their differentiating factors include an unwavering commitment to excellence, a creative approach to engineering and branding solutions, and a reputation as a leading digital signage company in Dubai. Their passion, determination, and technical expertise shine in every project, ensuring exceptional signage solutions for clients.

Navigating Design Challenges and Enhancing Signage Design Workflow

Effective signage combines of various elements like text, typography, images, symbols, colour, materials and lighting, etc. to create a visual communication tool that is informative, attractive, and aligned with the brand’s identity and message. Designing a signage requires an interdisciplinary approach. In addition to fundamental knowledge in the field of engineering, architecture and graphic design, one also needs to posses’ legal knowledge, as well as linguistic knowledge.

“The intricate processes of signage design, estimation, manufacturing, and quality control present a range of challenges that necessitate meticulous attention to ensure the ultimate product aligns with intended benchmarks. This underscores the importance of advanced CAD software in fulfilling the design prerequisites for signage,” said Mr. Denny, IT manager. 

Designing signage to ensure it remains visible and easily readable from varying distances and angles is a multifaceted challenge. This difficulty is amplified by factors such as changing lighting conditions and backgrounds. The process of transforming a design into actual signage using CAD software encompasses several crucial stages, each contributing to the creation of precise and visually captivating signage.

Initially, Blue Rhine used another industry-leading CAD software to design signage. It was offered on subscription basis leading to paying high recurring fee to use software. With an increase in the firm’s legacy costs, the management team set out to reduce the CAD cost with a better value, high-performing CAD software solution.

During an office meeting, Blue Rhine's team was introduced to ZWCAD by colleagues working in other country. With no prior experience using ZWCAD, their curiosity was piqued about the potential impact of this software on their productivity.

Opting for a trial, the team at Blue Rhine chose to explore ZWCAD for their tasks. The seamless compatibility of ZWCAD with other CAD tools eased the transition for Blue Rhine's extensive team of designers, who had predominantly relied on AutoCAD throughout their professional journeys. During the trial period, ZWCAD efficiently tackled each challenge, offering tailored solutions that resonated with the team's needs.

ZWCAD: A Catalyst for Achieving Remarkable Milestones

Since adopting ZWCAD, the Blue Rhine team has achieved remarkable milestones, successfully delivering numerous iconic projects encompassing signage and digital displays. These projects include prestigious ventures such as EXPO 2020 Dubai, Sea World Abu Dhabi, Abdullah Financial District, The Dubai Mall Zabeel, and Dragon Mart Dubai. Additionally, Blue Rhine has collaborated with prominent retail brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, underscoring the software's pivotal role in their endeavours.

In a recent achievement, Blue Rhine successfully concluded the expansion work for The Dubai Mall Zabeel. During this project, ZWCAD played a pivotal role in various stages, including surveying, estimation, design, and fabrication of 18 static displays.

The adept team at Blue Rhine harnessed the advanced capabilities of ZWCAD to its fullest extent. These efforts were closely coordinated with façade specialists, ensuring a seamless integration of design elements.

A Feature-Rich, Affordable, and Easy-to-Implement CAD Solution

Blue Rhine's designers rely on the robust capabilities of ZWCAD to produce or generate tender drawings/shop drawings. As build drawings and specifications, a highly detailed set of documents is necessary to communicate the whole design intent to be build. Blue Rhine design team leverages this powerful tool to craft precise designs and generate meticulously detailed blueprints for every project.

Additionally, Quantity surveyors find immense value in ZWCAD for their measurement, variation and cost calculation needs. The software's flexibility in adjusting visual elements and its intuitive navigation features are indispensable for their tasks, making ZWCAD an ideal companion for their work.

“ZWCAD is similar to the AutoCAD. So various times our client sends some heavy file to us in the drawing format or we have to convert to the PDF to the AutoCAD. That time it worked quite pretty fast.” Mohd. Zaid G. ,Technical Designer, said.

Furthermore, “In term of giving us a trial and support ,ZWCAD team give us each and every time a demo, whenever the users face a criticality, they we able to help us because of this transition, so we were able to adapt to our India team.,” explains Mr. Denny, IT manager. 

After successfully completing several signage projects, ZWCAD stands out as the superior choice due to its user-friendly interface and local support, eliminating the need for extensive learning, unlike other CAD software. That translated to zero learning costs, while significantly boosting productivity.

“ZWCAD’s integration capability really allowed us to deploy the solution with ease into the business. That means minimum disruption, we’re able to continue the business as usual. The solution is a perpetual license, which means that our reoccurring cost are reduced. So in term of our OPEC spend, we’re able to bring that right down, and we’re just paying for an AMC. It’s been an invaluable contributor to the success of our mega projects within the region, where we’re fabricating world-class signage," concluded Nita Odedra, Director of Strategy.

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