ConArch Studio Boosts Efficiency with an Effortless Switch to ZWCAD

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Based in Indonesia, ConArch Studio has been a pioneer in architecture since 2002. With its vision to "Build Beyond Your Dreams," the company is committed to delivering elegant, innovative, and high-quality building designs. With two decades of expertise in architectural and interior design, they continue to push the boundaries of innovation.

In 2019, strained by its then-used CAD software, the company initiated a search for a more economical and sustainable alternative. Their decision to switch to ZWCAD was not solely based on cost reduction but was a strategic move that met and exceeded their specific needs.

The Workspace of ConArch Studio

Figure 1. The Workspace of ConArch Studio


Smooth Switch: Workflow Continuity and Productivity Release

Switching from one CAD software to another can be time-consuming. However, ZWCAD's interface closely resembles that of common CAD software, which accelerates the adaptation process for users.

The comparable interface of ZWCAD with other popular CAD software ensures seamless workflow continuity for ConArch Studio. Utilizing their existing knowledge and skills without retraining, ConArch Studio's team finds it effortless to adapt to ZWCAD. Additionally, previous settings and profiles from their former software can be easily implemented, allowing ConArch Studio to integrate ZWCAD into its existing processes and ensure uninterrupted projects.

This smooth transition not only avoids disruptions but also results in efficiency gains. Triana Rahayu, Head of the Division at ConArch Studio, stated, "We're still able to perform all the tasks we need to, and in some cases, even more efficiently. The ease of use and familiarity of the interface have minimized any learning curve, allowing us to be productive from day one."

Architecture Design by ConArch Studio

Figure 2. Architecture Design by ConArch Studio


Exemplary Support: Problem Solving and Function Exploration

The outstanding technical support provided by ZWSOFT and its local partners has significantly uplifted ConArch Studio's entire interaction with the software. The support team not only fixes issues but also provides expert advice that enhances the studio's operational efficiency and reinforces its trust in the software's capabilities.

The fast-track solutions to immediate concerns ensure that the studio's design processes are not disrupted. Moreover, the support team offers practical insights, helping ConArch Studio unlock new features and utilize ZWCAD to its maximum potential. "We've come to appreciate the quality of technical support and the improvements they've made that consistently provide us with solutions if we encounter a problem," Rahayu added.


Budget-Friendly: Robust Features and Flexible Licensing

Despite being an affordable solution, ZWCAD doesn't compromise on functionality. With ZWCAD's comprehensive features, ConArch Studio can continue to produce high-quality designs. What further sets ZWCAD apart is its flexible licensing model, which allows for lifetime ownership and adaptability to different licensing options. This has proven to be vital for ConArch Studio in reducing licensing fees.

Rahayu enthusiastically endorsed ZWCAD, "It's like we didn't skip a beat but with the added benefit of significant cost savings. To any company looking to cut costs without compromising on functionality, I wholeheartedly recommend considering ZWCAD. It's a cost-effective solution that could be the answer to your needs, just like it has been for us."

As ConArch Studio strives to stay at the forefront of architectural design, ZWCAD will continue to make improvements to cater to the industry's evolving needs. In the realm where artistry meets technology, ConArch Studio and ZWCAD stand together, creating a tapestry of innovation and excellence that sets new standards in architectural design.

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