ZWCAD Drives SZELTERV Efficiency with Up to 50% Cost Long-term Savings

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Established in 1994, SZELTERV has cemented its reputation as a leader in designing medium voltage networks, building electrical systems, and automation systems across Hungary. Known for their comprehensive engineering support, SZELTERV handles projects from conceptualization to execution, including planning, expertise, design management, and technical control.

As SZELTERV expanded, the necessity for a CAD solution that was both cost-effective and efficient grew increasingly clear. Peter Eke, CEO of SZELTERV, highlighted that the shift by their previous CAD provider to a costly subscription-based licensing model did not meet their operational and financial objectives, prompting the search for a better-suited alternative.

Building Electrical and Power Supply Network Design by SZELTERV

Building Electrical and Power Supply Network Design by SZELTERV

After conducting comprehensive evaluations, SZELTERV was impressed by ZWCAD's efficiency, particularly its capability to swiftly manage extensive drawings and complex city maps. In 2021, SZELTERV committed to ZWCAD to support their growing business, marking a significant stride towards optimizing their design process.


Comprehensive Expert Support Ensured SZELTERV's Smooth CAD Transition

Adopting a new CAD software often comes with challenges, yet SZELTERV's transition was streamlined thanks to the expert guidance of CAD-design Kft., ZWCAD’s dedicated partner in Hungary. During the transition, CAD-design Kft. provided SZELTERV on-site support for the installation and configuration of network licenses, allowing for flexible allocation of licenses within the company and ensuring that every department had what they needed right from the start.

However, the support didn't stop there. ZWSOFT’s headquarters conducted specialized-training sessions and provided industry solutions, helping SZELTERV quickly grasp ZWCAD’s industry-specific features. What's more, responsive and long-term support from ZWSOFT’s technical team, including direct visits to SZELTERV, continues to resolve operational challenges as they arise, ensuring that SZELTERV's operations remain uninterrupted and efficient. The expert-level support combined with ZWSOFT and the trusted local partner has ensured SZELTERV's smooth integration of ZWCAD into their workflows, minimizing disruptions and accelerating their project timelines.

SZELTERV and CAD-design having meeting in the Office

SZELTERV and CAD-design Having Meeting in the Office


Strategic Cost Efficiency Through Flexible Licensing

The adoption of ZWCAD's flexible network license management has significantly changed the way SZELTERV operates, seamlessly linking cost reduction with enhanced accessibility. Peter Eke highlighted the profound impact of this change, stating, “The efficient use of the multiple networked licenses allows our multi-site offices to use resources in a streamlined way.”

This strategic move enabled broader software access across various departments, while dramatically enhancing productivity without the heavy financial burden associated with traditional licensing models, leading to substantial long-term savings, with cost reductions estimated at up to 50%.


ZWCAD‘s Superior Performance Enhances SZELTERV's Design Capability

Thanks to ZWCAD's high performance and parallel computing technology, SZELTERV has embraced significant improvements in managing complex designs and large-scale projects with ZWCAD. The engineers at SZELTERV have observed and benefited a lot from the faster loading times and smoother navigation through complex sections, enhancing productivity and reducing frustration related to software lag.

SZELTERV and CAD-design Having Meeting in the Office

SZELTERV Team Discussing the Ongoing Projects with AEC Technician Consultant from ZWSOFT

"ZWCAD opens up building plans and geodetic maps of cities faster. Movements within the drawing are not interrupted but continuous, allowing faster work,” remarked Peter Eke, underscoring the significant boost in workflow efficiency.

Moreover, an additional key factor contributing to their workflow enhancement is the rich APIs that ZWCAD can provide, to fully integrate SZELTERV's industrial add-on application. This compatibility ensures that SZELTERV can continue to use specialized tools for their industry within ZWCAD, enhancing productivity and precision, while maintaining continuity in their design processes.


Harnessing ZWCAD for Advanced Engineering Applications

Through ZWCAD, SZELTERV has successfully completed numerous projects, including the design of the Budapest Hospital. With ZWCAD, the team efficiently navigated the intricate requirements of healthcare facility design, ensuring that all electrical and automation systems were well integrated.

"For the function we used, ZWCAD has been a complete replacement", as Peter Eke pointed out, ZWCAD is now integral in SZELTERV’s workflows across various applications, including transmission network planning, building electricity design, fire alarm system design, and low current systems design.

Georeferenced Urban Cable Network Design in ZWCAD

Georeferenced Urban Cable Network Design in ZWCAD

SZELTERV’s transition to ZWCAD not only reflects a strategic shift towards efficient design solutions but also aligns with their goal of sustainable innovation in engineering. As SZELTERV continues to lead and expand their influence in the electrical engineering industry, ZWCAD remains a pivotal element in their ongoing success, proving that the fitting solution can indeed improve design efficiency and maintain a competitive edge in the industry. 

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