Türk Telekom Cuts Licensing Costs through Strategic Shift to ZWCAD

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With a history spanning over 180 years, Türk Telekom is Turkey’s first and largest integrated telecommunications operator, leading the nation's digital transformation. As the first company in Turkey to offer combined fixed telephone, mobile, TV, and broadband services, Türk Telekom has been instrumental in shaping Turkey's telecommunications landscape.

Renowned for its extensive service network and diverse array of products, Türk Telekom has consistently set industry benchmarks for excellence. In 2019, it was selected as "Turkey's Most Valuable Telecommunications Brand" for the eleventh consecutive year by Brand Finance, an international brand valuation organization. As “Turkey's Multi-Player,” Türk Telekom serves 15.2 million fixed broadband, 26.2 million mobile, and a total of 52.9 million subscribers.

Türk Telekom’s Headquarters in Ankara

Figure 1. Türk Telekom’s Headquarters in Ankara


During Türk Telekom's search for budget-friendly CAD alternatives to reduce licensing costs, it was introduced to ZWCAD by ETİ BİLGİSAYAR, ZWSOFT's partner in Turkey. Impressed by ZWCAD’s cost-effectiveness and positive internal feedback, Türk Telekom began integrating ZWCAD across the organization in 2020. This move has significantly boosted productivity and efficiency while optimizing expenses.


Flexible Licensing Policy Drives Cost Savings and User Satisfaction

Today, Türk Telekom extensively utilizes ZWCAD thanks to its affordability and perpetual-network licensing model. This strategic decision has fostered an environment that supports effective collaboration and streamlines workflow among engineers.

The perpetual licensing model ensures Türk Telekom's lifetime access to the software with a one-time investment, making ZWCAD a cost-efficient solution over the long term. "With the widespread use of the alternative and lower-cost ZWCAD application, we saved money in our license budget. We have eliminated our dependence on a single CAD product," noted Adem Konya, User Solutions and Support Specialist at Türk Telekom.

The network licensing model of ZWCAD not only boosts operational efficiency but also significantly increases user satisfaction at Türk Telekom, as it allows the company to allocate licenses dynamically and extend software access across the organization. "The network licensing model has enabled us to provide many employees with access to the CAD tools, enhancing user satisfaction," added Konya.

Türk Telekom’s Branch Office in Bursa City

Figure 2. Türk Telekom’s Branch Office in Bursa City


Intuitive Design and High Performance Dispel Initial Concerns

Initially, Türk Telekom’s team was cautious about transitioning to a new CAD tool, a change that often triggers concern over the need to learn new software and alter workflows. However, these worries were quickly dispelled once they began using ZWCAD. Its user-friendly interface, rapid processing, and robust functionality have made it the preferred option for Türk Telekom.

ZWCAD’s interface, similar to other popular CAD applications, helps users smoothly transition and navigate the new tool, reducing the learning curve. Its superior performance is evident in its ability to handle large files and perform routine operations like opening documents, selecting elements, editing, and saving projects swiftly.


Prompt Local Support Enhances Software Experience

Recognizing the importance of serving a global clientele, ZWSOFT's technical support team is dedicated to providing timely and efficient solutions. In Turkey, ETİ BİLGİSAYAR acts as a dependable support resource for Türk Telekom, offering immediate and effective assistance. Being able to discuss issues and receive advice in their own language has made the support experience seamless and effective for users.

As Türk Telekom continues to play a crucial role in Turkey’s transformation into an information society, ZWCAD has demonstrated its value as a fast, powerful, and fully compatible CAD solution. Looking ahead, ZWSOFT is committed to advancing the cutting-edge features in ZWCAD to support the ongoing growth and success of Türk Telekom in the telecommunications sector.

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