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Cyrus, an eminent manufacturer and supplier of lifting devices & wear solutions in India, chose ZW3D to improve design efficiency by 20%.

2019-11-20 15:41:00 918

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Established in the year 1981, Cyrus Reclaimer & Engineering Services Private Limited ("Cyrus" for short) is an eminent manufacturer and supplier of lifting devices such as wire rope slings as well as wear solutions. Their products, which are known for durability, high performance, low maintenance requirements, and heat & corrosion resistance, serve various industry sectors such as engineering, welding, construction, steel and many others.

Figure 1. Steel wire rope slings produced by Cyrus.gif

Figure 1. Steel wire rope slings produced by Cyrus


The current software hampers quick response to customers

Recognized by customers, Cyrus has always been providing excellent design. Usually, the team needs to present a product prototype to customers before getting orders. However, as they serve more customers from different industries, the team found it hard to react soon and to meet the requirements of different standards with the current software, which was neither adequate in features nor user-friendly, but expensive and lack of timely support from the software supplier.

Thus, the design team decided to upgrade the toolset to improve design efficiency. Given the opportunity to evaluate other design software, the team found that ZW3D offers all the tools needed to design lifting components at a competitive price, so they jumped on it immediately.


Mr. Varun Shah, Business Head of Cyrus.png


“We decided to switch to ZW3D as it not only offers competitive pricing, but also added features and benefits.”

--Mr. Varun Shah, Business Head of Cyrus




How ZW3D increases Cyrus’ design efficiency


- Flexible tools speed up design of lifting components

ZW3D provides flexible design tools to design lifting components more quickly, such as Extrude, Remove, Swept Rod, Thread, etc., and advanced assembly. Moreover, the powerful translator enables them to inherit their previous design, instead of starting from scratch.


Figure 2. The product prototype and the actual lifting part.png


Figure 2. The product prototype and the actual lifting part


- Simplified workflow delivers quicker turnaround time

Besides efficient design tools, ZW3D offers an intuitive user interface which ensures the designers to get started with the software in a short time. Moreover, flexible file management largely shortens their turnaround time. As Mr. Varun Shah, Business Head of Cyrus said, “In ZW3D CAD, a complete design can be saved in a single folder, so there is no need to create a separate folder for part modeling, assembly, and drafting respectively. Saving part files and assembly files in one project folder significantly increased the efficiency.”


- Timely technical support ensures faster implementation

To increase design efficiency, good software is not enough. After-sales service means a lot to industrial designers. ZWSOFT’s Indian partner ZWIndia offers considerate technical support to Cyrus, including software implementation and regular CAD design training, helping the team shorten the learning curve of the new software, and at the same time, carry out design work under professional guidance.


20% faster, a big step towards business success

“We are happy with ZW3D. Its efficient design tools and simplified workflow bring us a quick turnaround time. We were able to save 20% of the design time after using ZW3D. And we are thankful to the thoughtful technical support from ZWIndia, which helped us create concept design faster, delivering more success in business,” said Mr. Varun Shah, Business Head of Cyrus.

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