ZWSOFT Established ZW3D Training Center in Mexico with CIYDI

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CIYDI Ingeniería Aplicada is a famous institution focusing on advanced training in the engineering field. Composed of specialized instructors with rich experience in the industry, the institution offers comprehensive engineering courses to employees and entrepreneurs. From modeling to manufacturing, the courses cover essential knowledge for engineers, such as product design, mold design, numerical control, interpretation of mechanical drawings, industrial safety and many others. By providing high-level training on mechanical engineering, CIYDI has cultivated a large number of professionals for the mechanical industry in Mexico.

Figure 1. Students are having lessons in CIYDI


The pressing need of 3D CAD software

The teaching team in CIYDI has always been searching for different methods to perfect the training courses. At the beginning of this year, the team started thinking about a brand-new training solution to welcome the new semester. As the courses were limited to theory, among all the proposed plans, the need of new CAD/CAM software stood out. “In our courses, we prioritize teaching content related to mechanical design. One of the greatest difficulties of it was that we only arranged theoretical courses before due to limitations on financial resources. Without the use of 3D software, students can hardly get a good command of product design," said Miriam Jiménez Zabala, Director of CIYDI.

Hence, the team carried out the introduction of CAD/CAM software. However, most 3D design software is excessively expensive. At first, they allied with universities to share different software to cover CAD, mold and CAM training. Though relieving the cost of software purchase, they still had to pay a high fee to the universities, which was not a long-term solution to develop the courses, let alone the cost of communication every time before the use.


ZWSOFT and CIYDI cooperate on engineering training

In the meantime, the ZWSOFT team was looking for an institution to be the professional training center for ZW3D, offering more systematic training to users in Mexico besides daily technical support. Therefore, when both teams met up, they hit it off instantly. The cooperation was officially reached in September, 2019. ZWSOFT donated 20 premium licenses of ZW3D to CIYDI as the teaching software, and Jesus, Mexico Country Manager of ZWSOFT developed ZW3D tutorial lessons together with instructors in CIYDI.

Figure 2. The ZWSOFT team and instructors in CIYDI

Figure 3. Jesus, ZWSOFT Country Manager in Mexico, is introducing ZW3D to students


Perfect the engineering courses with ZW3D

With the use of ZW3D, the teaching effect was remarkably enhanced in a very short term. Thanks to the all-in-one ZW3D integrating CAD/Mold/CAM modules, CIYDI can conduct different kinds of training in one software, greatly saving student’s time on getting familiar with different tools, and enabling them to have a clearer sense of the actual production workflow from designing to manufacturing.

Figure 4. Students are using ZW3D to practice design

Mechanical engineering cannot always stay on paper. By using professional CAD/CAM software, students in CIYDI got a chance to design models by themselves. For example, by using abundant standard parts in ZW3D, students learned the courses of standardization with ease. What’s more, powered by Volumill™, roughing can be done with largely increased efficiency for parts machining, so that students can soon turn ideas into real products.

Figure 5. One student is experiencing the friendly interface of ZW3D 

One of students said, “ZW3D is a comfortable solution to start the exploration in the world of 3D modeling, since its interface and many of the features are friendly and I can adapt quickly with a couple of attempts.”


Further cooperation is ongoing

Donation of licenses won’t draw the end to the cooperation. ZWSOFT Mexican Team is dedicated to promoting engineering education as well as training of ZW3D in local areas. More curriculums and teaching resources are under development by both teams of ZWSOFT and CIYDI. For instance, the online exercise center is open for everyone to practice designing different shapes of mechanical parts. Online and offline seminars have been held for beginners or who seek for further study on engineering to discuss related topics.

"In the future, we will seek more ways to help CIYDI. Co-building ZW3D Training Center with CIYDI is a successful trial, which enables us to make our contributions to engineering education in Mexico, and at the same time, offer comprehensive training of ZW3D to our users. I am very excited to be involved in this program.” said Jesus, ZWSOFT Country Manager in Mexico.

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