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Dayaram Industries

Dayaram Industries, a professional manufacturer of precision molds in India, chose ZW3D to design and manufacture products efficiently.

2020-04-30 15:59:00 1373

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Established in 2004, Dayaram Industries is a professional manufacturer that provides a wide range of high-quality molds like rubber molds, surgical molds, surgical rubber molds, and surgical instrument molds. Being able to design and manufacture products under core industrial norms, the company always successfully caters to all the requirements of clients and thus enjoys a high reputation.


Higher competitiveness realized by ZW3D

“As our company uses advanced software with integrated CAD/CAM capabilities and the latest manufacturing machines that are known for bulk output in less time, we can satisfy all the requirements of the clients on time,” said the head of Dayaram Industries.

Image courtesy of Dayaram Industries.jpg

Image courtesy of Dayaram Industries

The software mentioned above is ZW3D, one of the secret “weapons” the company uses to compete in the market. While specializing in mold design, Dayaram is also capable of bringing a product from concept to reality, so it needs full-featured software which not only offers powerful and efficient functions for mold design, but also supports the whole process from designing to manufacturing. ZW3D perfectly meets their needs.

The head of Dayaram Industries said: “We selected ZW3D because it is all-in-one, powerful, intuitive and fast. Many design tools require long preparation and setup, whereas we often design entire product families, so we need a very dynamic and flexible approach. We must have all the features of parametric CAD in intuitive and easy-to-use software. ZW3D fits that description."


So, how ZW3D helps Dayaram design and manufacture different kinds of precision molds?


Flexible design driven by parameters

In product design, the powerful data translator, flexible design tools and parametric mechanism improve the design efficiency of the team. Usually, they design products by themselves or based on the third-party files. ZW3D is compatible with most mainstream 3D formats, such as Catia®, SolidWorks®, STEP, DWG, OBJ, etc. When receiving files, Dayaram can easily open them and get accurate geometric data with the powerful translator, saving them time and cost switching between different platforms. Then, they start designing. No matter designing from zero to one or directly modifying the data, the design tools which are driven by the hybrid-modeling technology enable them to finish the work efficiently. Last but not least, all the models are parametric, so that they can be modified quickly by changing the parameters.


Full functions for whole-process mold design

Mold design is their major work and ZW3D offers a range of professional tools for the whole design process, including product verification, healing, parting design, detail design, mold assembly, BOM and 2D drafting. Among them, the analysis and parting tools are especially helpful for Dayaram. The analysis tools can automatically detect and heal tiny unmatched faces as well as open edges and gaps on models, saving engineers much time fixing problems. As for the mold parting, engineers can split the product into different regions based on the results of region analysis, and then create parting faces by “patches” and “auto parting faces”. Finally, trim the workpiece into molding parts by one click. Clear and easy.



Abundant strategies deliver faster CAM programming

Machining is the last step of the workflow. Efficiency and safety are the keywords in this section. ZW3D CAM offers more than 40 types of 2-axis and 3-axis strategies, which enable Dayaram to deal with different kinds of machining work easily. For example, the Hole Tactic can automatically recognize hole features and generate toolpaths, saving programming time by 70%. 


Dayaram stays competitive in the fierce market with product features like durability, high strength and optimum finish. It is happy with ZW3D, not only for its capabilities of making such excellent products, but also for its professional and timely technical support, as was commended by the head of Dayaram, “Thanks to ZW3D’s expanded services, we deliver projects with greater speed and efficiency across industries.”