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Xiamen Tai Song Precision Electronics

Tai Song Precision Electronics chose ZW3D to design and manufacture jigs and fixtures for the relay production.

2020-07-09 13:40:00 1290

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Founded in 1974, Song Chuan Group Company is a famous supplier of electromechanical relays which are used in many of today’s electrical products including home appliances, automobiles, IT products, and many others. Xiamen Tai Song Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. (“Tai Song” for short) is one of its branches, responsible for the Electronic Component Manufacturing sector. It has accumulated rich experience in producing top-quality relays and earned an excellent reputation.

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Equip Information System with 3D CAD to Be More Competitive

High quality is the key to the success of Tai Song for years. Tai Song has established a complete information system to improve production management and product quality, including ERP, OA, PQM (Project Quality Management) and WMS (Warehouse Management System). The system makes the production process visible, controllable, digital, and predicable, resulting in continuously optimized quality and enhanced core competitiveness.

3D CAD design software is also one of the key tools of its information system, needed by departments such as the Technical Department, Tooling Department, Metal Stamping Department, and Injection Mold Department. Mr. Wang, the IT Manager, said, "We need the software to satisfy different requirements of each department, and relevant data should be seamlessly compatible with our Information System." After comparing solutions in the market, Tai Song finally chose ZW3D, the all-in-one CAD/CAM, to support designing and manufacturing the jigs and fixtures for the relay production.

Design and Manufacture More Efficiently with ZW3D

Covering all the needed functions from designing to manufacturing, such as data import, modeling, assembly, analysis, 2D drawing, and CAM programming, ZW3D makes the whole process of the production of jigs and fixtures more efficient.

l  CAD Data Import

In the first step, engineers in Tai Song need to import CAD data, external or internal. The powerful translator in ZW3D supports importing mainstream 3D CAD formats such as CATIA®,  SOLIDWORKS®, NX®, STEP STL, etc., and retains the original attributes of the data, helping the engineers quickly start fixture design.

l  CAD Modeling

In the design process, ZW3D offers flexible modeling functions, and thanks to the Solid Surface Hybrid Modeling technology, dealing with solids and surfaces simultaneously by Boolean operations is convenient than ever before. For example, engineers can quickly design the parts of jigs by cutting a surface with a solid or vice versa. What’s more, usually they need to do some modifications to the models at the final design stage, and Direct Edit can help them directly edit the models without any concern, accelerating their design process.

l  Assembly and Analysis

Assembly motion simulation and relevant analysis are important to fixture design. In ZW3D, the assembly motion can be simulated and the interference check and clearance check are fast and intuitive, ensuring the accuracy of assembly and the quality of products.

l  2D Drawing

After finishing the design, engineers in Tai Song will create 2D drawings for the Manufacture Department. ZW3D supports creating 2D drawings automatically and adding different kinds of dimensions and section views, or the PMI information, which can be inherited from the model as well. After that, the drawings can seamlessly interact with other 2D CAD software. The whole process is coherent, simple and efficient.

l  CAM Machining

Integrating CAD and CAM, ZW3D helps the Manufacture Department use the same system to machine products, saving the time of switching platforms and avoiding data loss. Besides, ZW3D CAM offers different strategies to realize different machining effects and useful add-ons to increase machining efficiency. For example, the VolumillTM in ZW3D significantly saves the cycle time for roughing by 70%.

Further Cooperation in the Future

ZWSOFT is glad to help Tai Song with its production of electromechanical relays. Mr. Wang, the IT Manager said, “ZW3D suits our needs and the team offers timely and professional support. We believe that its application in Tai Song will be broadened and deepened continuously in the future.”