Aplintec Provides Professional Solutions for Automation and Process Control with ZW3D

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Video. Engineers from Aplintec shared their experiences with ZW3D


Automation solutions – beneficial yet challenging

Founded in 2009 in San Luis Potosí, Aplintec is a company offering comprehensive solutions for automation and process control. Adhering to the vision “Automation makes it better and cheaper”, Aplintec keeps providing global customers with quality, innovative and high-tech products and services, like assembly stations, presses, screwdriving machines, testing machines, COBOT integration, fluid dispenser, robotic cells, EOAT robotic manipulators, etc.

From left to right: robotic cell, COBOT integration and press produced by Aplintec

Figure 1. From left to right: robotic cell, COBOT integration and press produced by Aplintec

Aplintec has helped a number of its clients increase productivity with its automation solutions. However, challenges do exist – facing severe competition in the global automation market, diversified customer demands such as superior quality and shorter delivery time, and higher international standards, Aplintec felt it urgent to optimize its production tools, to manufacture more sophisticated automatic machines and shorten their time to market. As an important one of them, 3D CAD/CAM software was also what Aplintec planned to update, to further meet its challenges.

“The main reason why we use ZW3D is its versatility.” After overall and careful assessment, Aplintec decided that ZW3D was exactly what they want.


Machining can be fast and easy

In Aplintec there are three main departments – the design department, the assembly department, and the machining department. From designing to machining, these three departments collaborate seamlessly for higher production efficiency and effectiveness.

ZW3D is mainly used in the machining department, to help programmers program CNC machines, and manufacture pieces like auto parts according to 3D files that are received from the design department and CAM plans.

2D drawings received from the design department

Figure 2. 2D drawings received from the design department

“It’s an excellent tool. We can generate a program very easily with its practical and efficient functions. I especially amaze at its speed in the creation of machining strategies”, said Fidel Pérez López, an operator in Aplintec. ZW3D’s multiple machining features and strategies have made the CAM programming work easy and fast.

A programmer was using ZW3D to generate toolpaths 1

A programmer was using ZW3D to generate toolpaths 2

Figure 3. A programmer was using ZW3D to generate toolpaths

Programmers commonly use Volumill®, Pocket, Profile, Ramp, Z level, Lace, Offset 3D, Holes, etc., among which Alejandro Díaz Grimaldo, also an operator in Aplintec likes Volumill®, a high-performance roughing strategy the most – “Volumill® greatly reduces machining time and lengthens tool life.” He also appreciates ZW3D’s compatibility – “I’m able to convert files from one format to another easily with its strong compatibility.” For Fidel Pérez López, he benefits a lot from Offset 3D and Loop for corner control.

The part being machined (left) and the final part (right)

Figure 4. The part being machined (left) and the final part (right)

However, CAM is not necessarily a sophisticated tool. If it’s difficult for the users to master, it will be useless no matter what powerful functions it has. Luckily, as Gabriel Martinez, R&D Designer of Aplintec complimented, “our colleagues find ZW3D very easy-to-use due to its friendly and intuitive interface. The experience of ZW3D has been pleasant because it has allowed our programmers to work more efficiently.”


Better 3D CAD/CAM, better automation solutions, better products

Automation equipment and process control solutions can greatly accelerate manufacturers’ production process and streamline the workflow, meaning a lot to companies to strengthen their competitiveness and realize intelligent manufacturing.

Automation products designed with ZW3D

Figure 5. Automation products designed with ZW3D

Aplintec is working hard on helping their clients increase production efficiency and bring first-class products to the market. With ZW3D, the integrated 3D CAD/CAM solution, Aplintec has better fulfilled this commitment at an accessible cost. “I am satisfied with the program. It seems to me that it is very complete in both CAD and CAM”, said Alejandro Díaz Grimaldo.


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