Quattro Robotics Uses ZW3D for Training and Design of Automation Solutions

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Established in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, Quattro Robotics is committed to the dissemination, training, commercialization and implementation of automation solutions in education institutions of all levels and in the industry.

Aware of the new demands of Industry 4.0, Quattro Robotics is attaching higher and higher significance to the upgrade of tools to better support their automation solutions, and to strengthen their experience and leadership in the areas of mechatronics, robotics, automation, innovation, production and services. For engineering software, after assessing different brands, they finally decided that ZW3D, the all-in-one CAD/CAM, can better suit their needs for training and industrial design. “We knew that ZW3D is the software with the necessary tools for our applications”, stated IT Manager of Quattro Robotics.

Figure 1. The training of automation solutions provided by Quattro Robotics


Main Concerns: Fast, Stable, Easy to Use

The change of CAD solution took courage. Quattro Robotics mainly worried about how smooth the switch can be, including compatibility and ease of use. Also, the performance of software matters, like stability, efficiency and tools for the development of projects.

The previous solution they applied dragged down their PCs, took long opening time for complex assemblies, and had difficulty opening clients’ native formats. What’s more, the high cost also formed pressure on them.


Optimal Tools for the Whole Process of Automation Design

Luckily, ZW3D has swept away all their concerns. They were able to switch to it without a hitch thanks to the friendly interface, clear workflow and high compatibility – with the powerful translator of ZW3D, previous work can be perfectly inherited and CAD data exchange with multiple suppliers and clients becomes so easy.

For the design process, Quattro Robotics or its trainees start with the design of mechanical components like electrical cabinets in a new project with the multi-object option. At this stage, they use features like Reverse Engineering, Shape, Wireframe, Sheet Metal, etc., and Direct Edit to modify the mechanical components with ease.


Figure 2. Students using ZW3D to design automation solutions

After designing the components, they create an assembly with all of them and assign constraints. They also use the animation tool to simulate movements of the assembly. One of the designers praised, “Assembly design of ZW3D is awesome. We can accomplish complex assemblies for our machinery designs.” Finishing the CAD design, they will output the design to 2D sheet, to create .dxf files for laser cutting. Throughout the whole development process, they regard tools in ZW3D as optimal.


100% Increase – Better Automation Solutions with ZW3D

When talking about the efficiency improvement of overall CAD design, sketching, 2D documentation and import of files, Quattro Robotics gave the answer – 100%. This seem-to-be-absolute number indicates their satisfaction. For 3D modeling, they mark a 95% increase, which means that there is room for improvement, and gives ZWSOFT team a strong motivation to keep progressing.


Figure 3. The robotic cell designed by Quattro Robotics with ZW3D

In spite of the product itself, Quattro Robotics also thinks highly of the technical support provided by ZWSOFT – “The technical team responds to us immediately, and we feel like being given personalized attention.”

To strengthen itself in the fierce competition, Quattro Robotics chooses to keep cooperating with ZW3D, to provide excellent automation solutions in the academic and industrial fields, facilitating training for students and professionals of PLC, Industrial Robotics, CNC, CAD/CAM, etc., and industrial design with the highest quality standards.

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