Olgun Celik: Designs High-quality Vehicle Springs and Scissors with ZW3D

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Based in Manisa, Turkey, Olgun Celik is an outstanding manufacturer designing and producing all types of scissors and springs for light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, including but not limited to parabolic leaf spring, multi-parabolic leaf spring, conventional leaf spring and Z type scissors.

Injecting high quality, technology and reliability into their DNA, Olgun focuses on on-time product delivery, quick customer service and a broad range of products for their customers, who are mainly in the automotive industry. By implementing ZW3D, they further strengthen those great genes in their DNA.

Figure 1. Various kinds of scissors for vehicles designed and produced by Olgun with ZW3D


High quality, Technology and Reliability – Same DNA Holds Olgun and ZW3D Together

With its working experience at the "Full Service Supplier" level, OlgunÇelik takes critical responsibilities in vehicle projects as the design and strategic partner of global vehicle manufacturers. What’s more, being recognized as an R&D center by the Ministry of Industry, Olgun’s Product Development Department consists of more than 50 engineers and technicians who develop effective design methods against variations from production and material tolerances.

Figure 2. Engineers and technicians in Olgun are doing research

Therefore, they are demanding for the 3D design tool, which will help them better integrate their knowledge into the product development processes and complete the optimum design as soon as possible.

“We had been looking for the CAD/CAM software which is capable of powerful design and working well with CATIA®. ZW3D can satisfy our needs,” praised by Murat ZENGİNOĞLU, Product Development Specialist of Olgun. After watching the demos presented by Grup Otomasyon, ZWSOFT Turkish partner, they immediately adopted ZW3D and have been using it since 2020.


“ZW3D Helps Us at Every Step of Design.” How?

ZW3D is mainly used in the Product Development and Research and Development departments in two subsidiaries — Olgun Tech and Olgun Celik. Their product development process covers design, analysis, prototypes, physical tests and manufacturing, and ZW3D plays an important role in the design phase.

“We have been designing some of our parts, fixtures and composite molds with ZW3D,” introduced by Murat ZENGİNOĞLU. In the design of parts and fixtures for the scissors and springs, engineers in Olgun use nearly all the modules for CAD design in ZW3D, such as Sketch, Modeling, Assembly, Sheet Metal and 2D Documentation. They especially think highly of its Shape and Freeform design, and powerful tools such as Face Merge, Extend, Trim, etc. As for the design of composite molds, they turn to the Mold module in ZW3D and usually use features like Splitting, Standard Parts Library, Electrode Design, BOM, etc. The integration of CAD and Mold systems in ZW3D also brought them huge convenience.

Figure 3. The design and manufacturing of vehicle scissors and springs

Advanced multi-CAD compatibility is another significant factor they care, because many of their up- and down-stream suppliers use other software especially CATIA®. Luckily, the engineers regard the ability of data exchange and file compatibility of ZW3D as “impressive”, allowing them to communicate CAD data with different suppliers as well as customers with ease.

Except for the product ability, the “humanistic” aspect also won their heart -- “Grup Otomasyon’s warm and close relationship with us is also important in our cooperation,” Murat ZENGİNOĞLU explained. “All in all, ZW3D is the all-in-one CAD/CAM software with a great number of capabilities at affordable price, helping us at every step of design from scratch to the end.”


High Quality with High Tech – More to Expect in the Future

Up to now, ZW3D accompanies every engineer in Olgun in their daily work, greatly increasing their design efficiency and quality.

With its modern facilities, experienced workforce, technical know-how and advanced tools like ZW3D, Olgun is determined to be a strong brand for vehicle scissors and springs in the competitive world market. High quality, technology and reliability – with the same DNA, Olgun and ZWSOFT will continue their cooperation and exploration for excellent auto parts in the future.

(Images courtesy of Olgun Celik)

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