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ZW3D Lite Quickens Design Review and Quotation for Malaysian Plastic Part Manufacturer

M-Fischer Tech, a Malaysian manufacturer produces plastic injection molded parts and provides quotations quicker with ZW3D.

2021-11-26 09:48:00 1460

M-Fischer Tech, a Malaysian manufacturer produces plastic injection molded parts and provides quotations quicker with ZW3D.

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Founded in 2004, M-Fischer Tech Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian subsidiary of Fischer Tech. The Company specializes in manufacturing highly precise plastic injection molded parts for the computer peripherals, consumer products, automotive, and electronics industries.

Crying for A Powerful Yet Affordable 3D Viewer 

At M-Fischer Tech, Mok SC, the tooling assistant manager is responsible for creating DFM reports (Design for Manufacturing report, a bridge between product developers and mold makers) and quotations for new tools. However, in the past, due to a lack of spare 3D CAD software licenses, he had to have the engineers make the reports. Unfortunately, that resulted in low productivity and sometimes even delay in submission, which inevitably cost them a few opportunities in this time-sensitive industry.

According to Mok, the obvious quick fix, buying more licenses, just cannot work for them because: a) under a limited budget, it is unjustifiable to purchase such costly and complex software licenses just for viewing models and making reports; and b) viewers available on the market, whether free or not, are either too simplified with a lot of limitations or expensive. “As a manager, I do not need sophisticated software. So, I have been looking for a simple CAD solution that is good enough for me to open my customers’ 3D files, participate in design review with my team and do some 3D part validation for costing purposes.”

ZW3D Lite Accelerates Production, Quotation, and Collaboration

Therefore, they started sourcing for an affordable and intuitive 3D program that can help them view CAD files of various formats, especially Parasolid®, STP, and NX® PRT files; inquire information such as weight, overall product size, undercut, thickness, and product measurement from the CAD files; and create section views.

After learning about ZW3D Lite from DTS, a Malaysian partner of ZWSOFT, and testing it out, Mok believed that it is exactly the solution they were looking for. To his surprise, ZW3D Lite not only meets all their requirements, but also is so easy to use that he picked it up within just a day.

Also, it has all the necessary functions that allow him to capture the information needed and produce DFM reports and quotations very efficiently. Interference check, parts compare, and direct edit without modeling history are very helpful as well. Moreover, he can convert and send their 3D models in PDF format so that the product IP is protected and suppliers without 3D CAD software have no problem viewing the product information.

“To be able to do all these, it’s as good as buying a full 3D CAD software. Surprisingly, ZW3D Lite can do more than I have expected! Best of all, it didn’t cost us much!” appreciated Mok.

Meet New Challenges Quicker with ZW3D Lite

As technologies in different industries advance, upstream companies demand more and more precise plastic injection molded parts. Hence, being a downstream supplier, M-Fischer Tech is facing new sophisticated product challenges from day to day. Striving to become a world-class manufacturer, they must constantly explore new technologies to meet them. By leveraging ZW3D Lite, they are confident that they can cater to the market demands much quicker.