ZWCAD Helps Rail Transport Giant CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Boost Business and Technologies

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Established in 1959, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute (China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation Zhuzhou Institute Co., Ltd.) has witnessed the remarkably rapid development of railway electrification in China and become a technology- and innovation-oriented leader in the rail transport equipment industry worldwide.


In recent years, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute has been implementing informatization for faster business growth. As a crucial part of informatization, the selection and application of software like 2/3D CAD, CAE, PLM, etc., requires serious consideration. To begin with, they decided to unify the widely and intensely used CAD software throughout all branches. 


The Switch Must Be Fast and Smooth for All Branches

Concerning this switch, the design and IT departments had the most urgent demands. According to the design departments, to ensure a smooth switch under such a highly intense workload, they need to be able to keep their design habits. Also, they have heaps of archived product drawings for viewing, editing, and sharing, as well as many template frames, title blocks, BOMs, etc. created with the previous CAD tool that meet corporate standards.

Meanwhile, the IT departments demanded that they can deploy the new 2D CAD program without changing the existing hardware and internet settings. Besides, they needed to integrate it into the IT system and fully inherit the previous management process to reuse the design data of over 2 decades.

In addition, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute is a confidential organization whose internet is managed tightly, so the key CAD issues must be resolved on-site. Another complicated situation was that the switch across different branches required higher stability of basic functions and a higher level of customization.


Firmly and Fully Apply ZWCAD Based on Trust and Collaboration

In response to them, ZWSOFT quickly formed a team of key R&D and technical engineers to facilitate the 2D CAD software switch project for CRRC Zhuzhou Institute. Joined by local colleagues, the ZWSOFT project team spared no effort to visit various branch offices and solve issues.

After more than a year of on-site services, ZWSOFT gradually fulfilled the goals such as stable operations on the virtual desktop; practical functions; viewing and editing legacy drawings; saving modified historical data; compatible with the embedded web browser and integrated with the IT system; customizable drawing templates that meet company standards. The CAD features not only fully satisfy their business needs, but also fit in with their design environment.

At present, ZWCAD Mechanical has been applied all over CRRC Zhuzhou Institute. Designers appreciated, “ZWCAD Mechanical has very powerful functions and is easy to use, saving us the time of adapting and training. Our schedule is quite tight and missing deadlines would affect the subsequent work and the assessment results. So, we really like the fact that this software can help us work as we used to do and even more productively with its constant upgrades and updates.”

The director stated, “Deploying ZWCAD Mechanical in the whole institute is a must for boosting business growth and lowering overhead costs in the long run, despite the difficulties in the short term. Therefore, we had in-depth and detailed communications with ZWSOFT about our actual needs and to figure out the possible issues during the switch and corresponding solutions. The timely response and problem-solving ability of ZWSOFT are a great confidence booster for our IT and design departments.”


Core Technologies Guarantee Long-Term Development

Being trusted and recognized by CRRC Zhuzhou Institute means a milestone to ZWSOFT. Demands such as a huge number of licenses, suiting the complex application environment of a confidential organization, using a tremendous amount of historical data, keeping the design habits of various designers, etc. have been great challenges for the technological “hard power” and the service “soft power” of ZWSOFT.

In the end, with its excellent product quality and R&D-level support, ZWSOFT proved that its self-developed core CAD technologies and services can cover the large-scale, complex, and in-depth needs of customers.

Regarding this successful cooperation, the director at CRRC Zhuzhou Institute commented, “Both individuals and enterprises need to keep concentrating and accumulating to achieve long-term development. As a customer and a strategic partner, we are happy to see that ZWSOFT has been focusing on developing its core CAD technologies for over 20 years, and seized the opportunities to grow and innovate. We hope that ZWCAD will be famous worldwide like our products. Now, seeing that the application of ZWCAD Mechanical is a success, we are launching a second-phase project of customization to further improve efficiency, and also adopting ZW3D in the near future.”

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