ZW3D Empowers Innovation and Education at ATMI IGI

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ATMI IGI is a leading company in sustainable product development headquartered in Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. The company specializes in product development, mold and tool manufacturing, metal stamping, plastic and non-plastic injection.

What sets ATMI IGI apart is its role. Not only does the company manufactures products, but it also offers production-based training to students from Polytechnic ATMI and Mikael Vocational School. This enables them to apply their theoretical knowledge into practice, helping them develop real-world skills and prepare for future careers. 

Figure 1. ATMI IGI factory in Solo

Supported by advanced technology and experienced engineers in design, engineering, and manufacturing, ATMI IGI offers high-quality and innovative products to its customers. On the other hand, the production-based education environment allows students to gain real-world manufacturing experience.


ZW3D Helps to Tackle Complex 3D Mold Designs

In 2022, ATMI IGI began using ZWSOFT's software solution, primarily drawn to the integrated CAD/CAE/CAM software, ZW3D.

The company faced a challenge due to the growing complexity and diversity of product design, resulting in more intricate mold designs. This challenge was met with efficient and powerful 3D design software.

"We decided to try ZW3D and found great collaboration and support in a win-win situation," said Y. Wahyo Nursanto, Director of ATMI IGI.


Powerful Features to Support Projects in Various Industries

For ATMI IGI, ZW3D software plays a crucial role in mold designs, ranging from simple to highly complex molds.

Experienced designers at ATMI IGI use ZW3D to design molds for customers’ products. The software's 3D splitting feature proves invaluable, swiftly separating cores and cavities in designs. ZW3D also enables designers to add details rapidly.

Figure 2. ZW3D supports ATMI IGI across multiple industries

Figure 2. ZW3D supports ATMI IGI across multiple industries

Thanks to its collaborative platform, the software provides numerous standard mold bases and components, simplifying the addition of these elements to the designs. Even ATMI IGI's own standard mold bases can be reused through ZW3D.

After the mold design is completed, the CAM module in ZW3D generates toolpaths, which are then imported to the CNC machine for production.

ZW3D software has proven effective in supporting ATMI IGI in various projects across industries such as automotive, medicine/healthcare, and packaging. The solution is used for designing molds for products like headlamps, lamp brackets, motorcycle body sets, and plastic components in cars. It's also used for health equipment components like patient monitoring covers and antigen test kit covers.


Figure 3. With ZW3D, ATMI IGI is driving innovation and education in Indonesia


ZW3D Helps Students to Grasp Skills Through Practice

ZWSOFT's solution is used on the production floor and for training students in a unique approach known as Production-Based Education and Training.

"This approach combines education and direct training in our production operations, creating a dynamic environment where learning and skill development seamlessly integrate into the manufacturing process," explained Wahyo.

ZW3D provides comprehensive learning materials, making it easier for students to grasp. Uniquely, ZW3D is used integrally in manufacturing, allowing students to learn design and production skills as they practice them.

"So, it's like they're learning by doing, with ZW3D being a significant part of this puzzle," added Wahyo.

ATMI IGI believes proficiency in ZW3D provides a foundation, or a stepping stone, for students to use other software.

Figure 4. Students learn design and production with ZW3D and CNC machines


ZW3D and ZWSOFT's Impact on ATMI IGI's Success Story

ZW3D's top performance, exemplified by powerful features like 3D splitting, is a significant benefit for ATMI IGI, as the company aims for high-quality results while managing resources efficiently, including budgets.

This is further supported by ZWSOFT's professional technical support, characterized by quick, enthusiastic, and friendly responses. "Every time we had questions or encountered problems, they responded quickly and were eager to help, making us feel like we're working with partners and friends," said Y. Wahyo Nursanto.

Figure 5. ATMI IGI greatly benefits from ZW3D's top-notch performance

Another advantage ATMI IGI experiences is the case studies and professional network offered by ZWSOFT. Thanks to ZWSOFT's professional network, ATMI IGI can expand its skills and explore innovative approaches in the manufacturing field.

In turn, the ongoing collaboration between ATMI IGI and ZWSOFT will have a broader impact, positively contributing to the development of mold-making and vocational education in Indonesia.

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