KuzeyStar Tersanesi Reduces Number of License by 80% Using ZWCAD

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Kuzey Star Shipyard Overview

Figure 1. Kuzey Star Shipyard Overview

Established in 2010, KuzeyStar Tersanesi, also known as Kuzey Star Shipyard, is a prominent shipbuilding company based in Istanbul, Turkey. With its dynamic, experienced, and expert staff, KuzeyStar Tersanesi provides services including repair, new buildings, conversion, and modernization. KuzeyStar Tersanesi prides itself on providing "All-In-One" services to its customers and continues to grow in the industry with new construction and maintenance repair projects.

Due to the increasing number of projects and a growing design technician team, KuzeyStar Tersanesi decided to re-evaluate their CAD software costs. In addition, the transition of the existing CAD software to a rental system increased their financial burden, prompting the need for a more sustainable alternative. 

Among their evaluation, ZWCAD emerged as the preferred choice. The flexible licensing options, combined with the efficient performance of ZWCAD, played a crucial role in addressing KuzeyStar Tersanesi's need for an alternative CAD solution. This decision has not only resolved their challenges but has also set them on a path to unparalleled success.


ZWCAD's Flexible Licensing Model Optimizes Operations

One of the standout features of ZWCAD is its flexible licensing model. It provides permanent license and network licensing, which has proven to be instrumental in enhancing KuzeyStar Tersanesi's operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Before implementing ZWCAD's network licensing system, managing licenses across various departments, including production, TKM, and planning, could be challenging. The requirement for individual licenses for each user led to complexities and increased licensing costs. The transition to network licensing addressed these challenges effectively.

"In this way, the number of licenses we will receive has decreased by 80%. Thanks to network licensing, all of our engineers, who previously could not use CAD software due to license shortage, have access to CAD software," said Mustafa Kum, IT Manager at KuzeyStar Tersanesi.

Repair and conversion activities at Kuzey Star Shipyard

Figure 2. Repair and conversion activities at Kuzey Star Shipyard


ZWCAD's User-Friendly Excellence and Seamless Integration Propel Efficiency

The user-friendly features of ZWCAD, including Turkish language support and an intuitive interface, facilitate a swift adaptation process for KuzeyStar Tersanesi's diverse workforce. Over 40 design engineers, spanning both repair and new construction departments, can adapt to the program in a very short time.

"One of the biggest advantages of the software was that even our technicians and engineers, who thought that they could not use a software other than the CAD software they were used to, quickly showed the same performance in ZWCAD," said Mustafa.

Furthermore, ZWCAD's compatibility with existing workflows proves invaluable for KuzeyStar Tersanesi. The seamless integration of Lisp used in design departments showcases the software's adaptability. Moreover, the successful integration of ZWCAD with the ERP system highlights its capability to harmonize design processes with broader organizational functions, providing a holistic solution to enhance efficiency.


ZWCAD's Prompt Support and Cost-effectiveness Boost Productivity

In addition to the powerful features of ZWCAD, KuzeyStar Tersanesi emphasizes the invaluable role of prompt and effective technical support provided by ZWSOFT‘s Turkish partner ETİ BİLGİSAYAR. The dedicated support ensures that all requests are addressed satisfactorily, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted workflow for the shipbuilding team.

Meanwhile, KuzeyStar Tersanesi has harnessed the financial benefits to embark on a significant technological upgrade. By efficiently utilizing the budget saved through ZWCAD, KuzeyStar Tersanesi can now enhance all aspects of their design equipment including computers, monitors, keyboards, and mouse sets—a comprehensive overhaul that elevates their technological infrastructure.

KuzeyStar Tersanesi is dedicated to delivering customers high-quality, fast, and reliable services. The adoption of ZWCAD has played a pivotal role in realizing this commitment. Moving forward, ZWCAD will continue to empower KuzeyStar Tersanesi in delivering innovative maritime solutions.

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