Schock Fensterwerk Increased Efficiency with ZWCAD

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Since its founding in 1965, Schock Fensterwerk GmbH has grown from a small locksmith shop to a leading manufacturer of windows, doors, and winter gardens. The company is dedicated to energy efficiency and has over 120 employees specializing in developing and producing sustainable products for the construction industry. Their environmental commitment is reflected in their founding of Rewindo GmbH, which focuses on recycling PVC windows. This long-term approach demonstrates Schock Fensterwerk's dedication to sustainability and forward-thinking practices. 

Adopting ZWCAD was a significant step in Schock Fensterwerk's digital transformation. Chosen for its compatibility with existing systems and user-friendly licensing, the unlimited duration of purchase licenses offers a long-term, cost-effective solution.

IT Administrator Günther Guist says, "We were immediately convinced because we found ourselves reflected in ZWCAD."

The user-friendliness of ZWCAD enables Schock Fensterwerk to work efficiently with DXF and DWG files, shortening production times and enhancing product quality. Features like Flexi-Blocks and SPM-Line simplify complex design tasks, increasing flexibility and creativity in the design process.

"Our employees can help each other better. The users really like that," says Günther Guist, IT Administrator at Schock Fensterwerk GmbH.

The fast and efficient support from ZWSOFT and ENCEE is crucial in swiftly resolving technical challenges.

Overall, ZWCAD enables Schock Fensterwerk GmbH to optimize its workflows and boost efficiency. This contributes to customer satisfaction and strengthens the company's market position. The investment in ZWCAD shows Schock Fensterwerk's commitment to continuous development and using the latest technologies to improve its business processes and customer relationships.

The success story of Schock Fensterwerk GmbH demonstrates how a company can grow and establish itself in the industry by integrating technological innovations and a strong commitment to sustainable practices. The introduction of ZWCAD played a key role in increasing efficiency and productivity, while their efforts in recycling PVC windows underscore the company's commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. Schock Fensterwerk has established itself as a role model in the window and door industry, setting standards in both technology and ecology.


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