SUNRA E-Vehicle: How to Innovate Design with ZWCAD?

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“From one workshop to five manufacturing bases; from selling domestically to exporting to over 70 countries and regions; from debuting the first SUNRA electric vehicle to the global sales of nearly 20 million EVs; we have won the respect and recognition of customers worldwide with high-quality products designed with ZWCAD.”

— Mr. Chongshun Zhang, Chairman of SUNRA EV


Founded in 1999, Jiangsu Xinri E-Vehicle Co., Ltd. (SUNRA EV for short) keeps substantially developing with quality products and services, lives up to the ambition, “Branding SUNRA for century, Targeting NO. 1 in the world” with actions, and has proved the power of “Made in China” with strengths and achievements. It is now one of the top 500 Chinese most valuable brands and leads the electric vehicle industry.

Figure 1. Jiangsu Xinri E-Vehicle Co., Ltd.


Introduce Cutting-Edge Tools to Innovate E-Vehicle Design for the Market

After decades of development, the EV value chain has become sophisticated. In recent years, there have been more diverse and niche marketplace needs and increasingly fierce competitions. Under this circumstance, EV makers all rapidly upgrade their models to gain more market shares, and SUNRA EV is no exception.  

Recently, SUNRA EV launched the MIKU Super series of high-end, high-mileage, lithium-based, and intelligent electric motorcycles. This series represents not only the technological breakthroughs of SUNRA EV, but also a new era for electric motorbikes. Without a team of R&D talents, cutting-edge software and hardware, innovation-driven developments as such would not be possible. 

“Applying advanced 2D CAD software in the design and production processes is one of our major initiatives to stay competitive,” The director of the technical department at SUNRA EV declared, “From the technical perspective, this contributes to both design innovation and the efficiency of drawing exchange and collaboration between the R&D and production departments.”

Figure 2. The MIKU SUPER series by SUNRA EV


Use ZWCAD to Elevate Design Innovation and Efficiency

After SUNRA EV adopted ZWCAD, their efficiency of design innovation and product quality remarkably improved. “ZWCAD runs stably and smoothly. Its good compatibility and abundant professional and intelligent drawing tools boost our design efficiency.” An R&D engineer acknowledged that technical files like CAD drawings are more standardized, and product development becomes faster. He added, “Utilizing the multi-core and parallel processing technologies, the latest ZWCAD guarantees an unparalleled drawing opening speed—way faster than that of our previously used CAD software. Also, ZWCAD is fully DWG compatible so that we have no trouble reusing the existing drawings or collaborating across departments.”

Moreover, ZWCAD is beneficial to the review, standardized management, and documentation of drawings. Via the Tool Palettes, they can store the frequently used objects and customize a standard design environment for engineers to use the staple elements more efficiently. Plus, the drawings they output from ZWCAD are in accordance with the company’s specifications, preventing them from repetitive modifications. 

Figure 3. The design of MIKU Super provides ergonomic comfort

“Where there is sunray, there is SUNRA.” is what SUNRA EV holds on to. Since the low-carbon lifestyle is advocated, more and more people opt for intelligent and environmentally-friendly vehicles. As a leader in the industry, SUNRA EV takes the initiative to make its models smarter. In the future, SUNRA EV will keep employing ZWSOFT’s advanced 2D CAD solution to expedite and innovate the R&D and production and hence, continuously provide customers with more intelligent, comfortable, and safe EVs.

(All images courtesy of SUNRA EV)

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