Susteni AS leverages ZWCAD for greener maritime solutions

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Susteni AS, based in Norway, is a prominent engineering company within the maritime industry. Their primary objective is to devise effective solutions aimed at enhancing fuel efficiency and minimizing exhaust emissions. These solutions, a culmination of precise calculations, engineering principles, and practical insights amassed over numerous years of experience, are offered to clients for optimal outcomes.

Susteni AS has also ventured into advanced rebuilding and conversion using laser scanning technology. This method, known for precision and efficiency, significantly shortens project timelines. Scanning data is meticulously analyzed to make precise modifications based on specific needs, resulting in detailed technical documentation and drawings for clients.

Furthermore, Susteni AS offers consultancy in maritime and fishing industries, helping clients align with current rules and market trends. Their expertise aids businesses in navigating regulations and industry shifts, ensuring informed decisions for competitiveness.

Developing cutting-edge fuel and exhaust systems for marine vessels is a formidable task!

In response to the urgent need for a sustainable future, global attention has intensified on environmental preservation. The planet's warming and alarming alerts from scientists have spurred companies across various sectors into action, including the marine industry. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has significantly tightened regulations on emissions, affecting both newly constructed vessels and those already in operation. This has heightened the pressure on naval architects to adhere to more rigorous ship design standards.

In today's context, ship performance hinges greatly on efficiency, making it a paramount concern. Naval architects are placing growing emphasis on optimizing the entire propulsion line to attain peak efficiency, aligning with the current environmental imperatives.

“Developing advanced fuel and exhaust systems for marine vessels is a challenging endeavor! CAD tools are integral to achieving our strategic objectives. In addition to cost-effectiveness, we aimed to procure tools capable of managing intricate projects, fostering collaboration, optimizing production planning, and facilitating virtual exploration of diverse design scenarios to meet and surpass our customer expectations," explains by Daniel Gelep, Principal Engineer CAD.

Since its inception, Susteni AS had been relying on CAD tools from a prominent company for both 2D and 3D CAD work without exploring alternatives. However, during collaboration with an overseas client, Susteni engineering team was impressed to see the client's use of ZWCAD, which offered superior functionalities, speed and cost-effective perpetual licensing. Following a thorough analysis, Susteni engineers decided to venture into ZWCAD to assess its potential benefits and suitability for their projects.

Leveraging ZWCAD for meeting deadlines and delivering exceptional service

Crucially, Susteni AS places great emphasis on providing their customers with highly detailed drawings. Given the potential for production design errors to result in time-consuming redesigns that can significantly impact and delay projects, precision is paramount. In the fast-paced marine industry, meeting hard deadlines and delivering a high level of service is imperative.

ZWCAD has seamlessly integrated into Susteni’s workflow, aligning perfectly with these requirements. It is extensively used across all departments within the organization, from concept design to manufacturing, encompassing almost every step of the projects that involve CAD drawings, sketches, and detailed documentation. Furthermore, ZWCAD plays a vital role in generating comprehensive detail drawings sourced from 3D CAD tools like ZW3D or Inventor, streamlining design processes.

ZWCAD: Highly customizable for accelerated and efficient design goal achievement

“With limited resources and challenges in sourcing highly skilled professionals with extensive technical expertise, our focus has always been on customizing the software we utilize to optimize and automate workflows. ZWCAD has proven to be an excellent fit in this regard. It seamlessly accommodates our previously developed plugins for AutoCAD, requiring only minor program adjustments. The software supports various programming languages empowering us with extensive capabilities to efficiently develop plugins that enhance our workflow,” Daniel Gelep, Principal Engineer CAD, said.

In addition to customization, another vital tool significantly enhancing productivity in the design process for Susteni AS is the seamless export of 2D drawings to ZW3D. This feature allows for the continuation of work in a highly intricate 3D environment based on initial 2D sketches, all accomplished with a simple mouse click.

Furthermore, a notable productivity boost from ZWCAD is the ability to effortlessly import and convert PDF files into the drawing model space. This functionality proves invaluable to Susteni AS, saving considerable time by leveraging existing information from documents rather than designing from scratch.

Seamless data exchange, demonstrates efficiency and compatibility across various CAD software

Recently, Susteni AS undertook an innovative and thrilling project for the fish farming industry called HEXACAGE. This collaborative project with the renowned company Westcon involved overcoming various design and development challenges. Remarkably, Susteni utilized ZWCAD and ZW3D in their workflow, while Westcon employed AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor. Astonishingly, both teams encountered no issues with data interoperability. ZWCAD and ZW3D facilitated seamless data exchange, even with different vendor software, showcasing their efficiency and compatibility.

ZWCAD is also utilized to work on newly stated segment of reverse engineering at Susteni AS. It is used for the alteration and modification of scanned data in accordance with the client’s requirements simplifying the process of delivering comprehensive technical documentation and detailed drawings to customers. This functionality enhances the efficiency and precision of the reverse engineering efforts.

"The switch to ZWCAD was remarkably smooth, requiring just a few days to become acquainted with its diverse features due to the identical user interface we had been accustomed to for years. We were able to resume work at full speed almost instantly. Undoubtedly, our company has reaped significant benefits at a low cost. By leveraging ZWCAD and ZW3D, we have tangibly enhanced customer confidence and goodwill," praised by Daniel Gelep, Principal Engineer CAD.


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