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In more than 50 years, ACE Clearwater is producing customized compo...

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In more than 50 years, ACE Clearwater is producing customized components for leading aerospace vendors such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin.Because of ACE’s history of manufacturing excellence and responsive delivery, the company has often been very busy. “The demands on our engineering and production resources have been increasing and we needed to continue to improve turnaround and productivity,” says Steve Farentinos, engineering manager at ACE Clearwater. “So we began to evaluate new CAD/CAM software that could help.”





“These are high-pressure flows in constantly running systems, so the components have to be rugged and reliable. At the same time, these are complex and precise surfaces that require a sophisticated CAD system. After careful review of the alternatives, we chose ZW3D software because we can quickly develop these kinds of surfaces.” The ZW3D software adopted by ACE provides a complete range of CAD through CAM tools, so their engineers can handle the entire design through manufacturing process within one system.





"With ZW3D, we didn't have to purchase a lot of add-on products, which is the case with most CAD/CAM products."

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