Aiceed Mould

Update design pattern from 2D to 3D with intuitive and versatile ZW3D CAD. Boost productivity with integrated CAM of ZW3D.



Under the increasingly vigorous competition, Aiceed Mould is in the urgent need of updating their two-dimensional design platform into 3D one, in a bid to accelerate design process with more intelligent and intuitive 3D modeling. In this transition process, they need a 3D tool to leverage existing 2D data thoroughly.





Aiceed Moulds chose ZW3D to updata design pattern from 2D to 3D and improve their productivity. Embedded with a powerful File Translator, ZW3D ensures smooth data exchange with mainstream 2D and 3D CAD platforms. With its all-in-one CAD/CAM, ZW3D benefit Aiceed Moulds by avoiding data lost between designing and manufacturing to save time and improve productivity.





 “Now, almost all of our products are manufactured with ZW3D CAM. Sometime, for simplest products, we tend to use ZW3D to design and then manufacture directly.”

----Mr Wang, chief engineer in the CNC department of Aiceed Moulds

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