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“Innovative packaging gives a product an immensely strong competitive edge over its rivals,” said Malcolm Bartram, Fibrenyle’s design and tooling manager. “Fibrenyle is consistently breaking new ground in product and process.” Neither solid modeling software nor surface modeling software can perfectly finish the designs in an efficient way.





“We changed from using a pure surface modeler that we used for about 15 years,” Bartram explained. “Since moving on to ZW3D, the advantage of being able to use either surface or solid modeling has been highly beneficial. Flicking from one modeling technique to the other is a smooth process. Instead of creating models entirely in solids or surfaces, one can mix the two techniques, and the functions work on either open or closed surface sets.”





"ZW3D helped us to provide exactly what was needed for the design which significantly cut design time."


— Alcan Fibrenyle

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