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Ambica Pattern Works uses ZW3D to design all types of wooden & al...

2018-07-06 16:45:00 658

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Ambica Pattern Works constantly introduces new technology and resources into the company. Not only extending production line but also manufacture in wooden & aluminum patterns , industrial patterns. With the assistance of their diligent team, they are involved in offering a wide range of Wooden Pattern.





Ambica Pattern Works uses ZW3D to design all types of wooden & aluminum pattern for pumps & valves industries & Heavy Engineering. The solid-surface hybrid modeling capability of ZW3D is needed for the smoothly contoured designs in all the components.

As a result of using ZW3D, design to manufacturing cycle time has been reduced by 15 to 20%. ZW3D has excellent return on investment and is also able to reduce time to make design & interchange from CAD to CAM.





“ZW3D has excellent return on investment, its has extreme feature in CAD & CAM, such as interchange between Designing to Manufacturing, reduce product development cost. Design to manufacturing cycle time reduce by 15 to 20%, we ready to purchase other CAD/CAM software, after evaluating ZW3D we decide to purchase ZW3D."

——Mr. Dinesh Bhai Mewada, Technical Director.

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