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To produce these critical components, mechanical and aerospace engine...

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Each blade in a jet engine has a unique shape and size and requires a uniquely engineered cooling regime appropriate to the complex, twisting surfaces of that blade. Amchem’s customers define these cooling requirements, and it is Amchem’s task then to engineer a solution, combining its machine, process, software and tooling design expertise.





With ZW3D Overdrive, Amchem devises solutions that utilize Amchem’s non-conventional, multi-electrode electrical discharge machining (EDM). The complexity is further compounded because Amchem needs to import CAD files in many different formats from its customers and then has to model—and directly manufacture—a difficult tooling solution. Fortunately, Amchem uses ZW3D integrated CAD/CAM software, which offers a very broad interoperability platform....





"By taking advantage of ZW3D's integrated CAD/CAM, Amchem produces sophisticated and efficient engineering solutions in less time."


— Amchem

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