ZWSOFT Donates ZW3D to CESBA in Mexico

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CESBA (Centro de Estudios Superiores del Bajío, Campus Querétaro) is a vocational education institution endorsed by the Ministry of Public Education of Mexico, which provides professional training opportunities to those who work but wish to continue their studies. Being recognized as an avant-garde institution for its excellent academic model, it provides different curriculums like Computer Science, Teaching, Industry Engineering, etc. to help students advance their careers.

Figure 1. Campus of CESBA


Challenged by selecting suitable software for engineering courses

Among the curriculums, Industry Engineering is one of the most popular majors. Students are able to learn diversified courses such as exact sciences, industrial design, and manufacturing by professional teaching methods. Those courses meet the needs of various industries, allowing students to enrich their profiles in production sectors.

To carry out teaching and keep up-to-date with markets, CESBA was seeking engineering CAD/CAM software to apply to related courses. However, the school faced quite a few challenges during selection. One of the main problems was that current solutions on market are too expensive to afford, especially for an educational institution. Another problem was that most software does not contain different modules of applications in a single work environment, which is not practical for teaching. Finally, some of the commercial software takes up too much capacity and thus affects the speed of processing. These factors are common headaches for educational institutions when choosing education software.


Equip engineering courses with ZW3D

Knowing the difficulties of CESBA, ZWSOFT extended a helping hand by donating 40 network licenses and 8 standalone licenses of ZW3D and offering technical support to the institution. Integrating CAD, Mold and CAM capabilities in a simplified workflow, ZW3D perfectly met the needs of the institution, enabling instructors to carry out a series of courses of industry engineering with professional tools. Dario Bringas Posadas, a professor from CESBA said, “ZW3D is very useful for the development of our subjects, because we can integrate engineering knowledge into a single tool.” The solution was applied to relevant courses and teaching activities of CESBA immediately, helping engineering students in CESBA achieve innovations much faster from ideas to design prototypes and improving career competitiveness.

Figure 2. Students are using ZW3D to do exercises


Drive innovations with ZW3D from classes to after-school activities

The courses are designed in various themes for students in different semesters. In Sem. 1, students start learning the basic concepts of industry engineering, then more advanced courses are arranged as they step in higher grades, such as CAD Design for Sem. 3, Fundamentals and Manufacturing Processes for Sem. 4, and Applied Practices for Manufacturing for Sem. 5, etc. Applied throughout the curriculums, ZW3D enables students to learn the courses more vividly with its simplified workflow, easy-to-use commands and flexible tools.

Figure 3. Students are learning mold design


Besides the classes, ZW3D also drives students’ innovation in their extracurricular activities. Take the Industry Engineering Day held in October, 2019 as an example. The school organized a competition of robot arm prototype design. Participants were asked to design and develop a robot arm prototype from scratch using ZW3D, then print its parts by 3D printing machine, assemble them together and control its movement. Through putting different knowledge acquired in the courses into practice, students had a chance to get a better command of industry engineering knowledge.

Figure 4. The robot arm prototype designed with ZW3D

Figure 5. Participants were performing their works of the robot arm


Plant a seed of education, help students grow for brighter futures

The donation is meaningful to both CESBA and ZWSOFT. For CESBA, it helps them deliver better industry engineering education to students, which can help students enhance career competitiveness and build brighter futures. For ZWSOFT, the donation was a great opportunity for us to make contributions to industry engineering education worldwide. ”This program is beneficial to the education development in Mexico, enabling our students and teachers to learn CAD/CAM knowledge and achieve innovations with an all-in-one solution,” said Dario Bringas Posadas, Professor of Industry Engineering.

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