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CONCEPT NUM has selected ZW3D Premium because of its capabilities i...

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Whether design software can run different file formats without any data loss will directly influence the design quality and efficiency. In addition, CONCEPT needs CAM functions such as flexible simulation and optimized tool path to ensure higher accuracy during manufacturing. However, most of the CAM features are advanced tools of 3D design software, which they have to pay extra charges to use.





After comparison of CAD and CAM solutions in the French market, ZW3D and AGP-solutions, the value-added reseller of ZW3D in France, were selected for the software performance and satisfying customer service.ZW3D can read and edit 3D models from CATIA, NX, SolidWorks, and Inventor, allowing CONCEPT to flexibly handle files in multiple formats without loss of software performance or data quality.

 Besides, ZW3D provides a comprehensive set of tools to help users address a variety of workflow needs, from design, visualization to simulation. Now CONCEPT can digitally preview and interact with the model at a 360-degree view of the action. Optimized tool paths in ZW3D are calculated to provide more efficient machining by introducing progressive machining strategies for high-speed machining to ensure increased productivity and a maximum tool life.





" ZW3D helps us reduce costs of manufacturing and recovery thanks to the optimized machining tool path. It is the best solution where we found a balance between CAD and CAM to fit our needs."


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