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E.E.S.T.Nº2 Quilmes

E.E.S.T.Nº2 Quilmes selected to use 18 licenses of ZW3D 2012 Premi...

2018-07-09 09:35:00 878

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E.E.S.T.Nº2 Quilmes hopes to provide their students more comprehensive courses, but the high price of 3D software putsa heavy burden on their budget. Therefore they require affordable and easy-to-use3D design software that has powerful analysis tools, efficient sketching and drafting, and versatile machining. Moreover, they also take short learning curve into consideration.





E.E.S.T.Nº2 Quilmes was satisfied by its excellent performance as well as reasonable price, and finally chose to use ZW3D in their training courses. Besides basic figures such as extrusion, solid and shell, ZW3D 2012 contains many superior features that can be only seen in other high end 3D design software. 


Powerful draft and thickness analysis offer tutors a more convenient way to illustrate different cases intuitively.  


Easy to learn is also beneficial for E.E.S.T.Nº2 Quilmes. The built-in Show-n-TellTM tutorials enable shorter learning curve and less training costs.





“ZW3D helps us solve the problems arising from the design and manufacturing process such as tools, speed and depth of cut, with extremely powerful analysis tools and three-dimensional visual form.”

---Adrian Diaz

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