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Feist Modellund Formenbau, located in Oberpframmern, Germany, is a s...

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Feist Modellund Formenbau, located in Oberpframmern, Germany,is a small but highly professional company that specializes in manufacturing regionally based automotive prototypes from raw materials as well as pilot run samples. The customers need the highest quality and despite short-term requests, they strictly adhere to deadlines. Since each cubic centimeter of space in the engine needs to be perfectly used, the object design is becoming more unusual. 





To be able to afford the quality of the productions while given a time limit, it requires the employee to be responsible for a system project, which accompanied employees from A to Z and in particular the transition from CAD to CAM offers perfect consistency. ZW3D fulfills accurately. 





"ZW3D has rapidly improved all business. Compared to our old system, it’s much easier and faster. Because of this easy-learning system, the training cost is kept low and even newcomers can deliver results quickly."


-- Peter Feist,

CEO of Feist 

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