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Flashforge, a famous leading 3D printer supplier in China, chose ZW3D to facilitate DIY 3D printing and modeling.

2018-07-09 10:09:00 1175

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Finding an easy-to-learn and intelligent 3D CAD to to help their customers to design and print 3D models smoothly and ideally.





Flashforge chose ZW3D CAD/CAM to accomplish their target. ZW3D, an easy-to-learn 3D CAD\CAM with humanized and streamlined operating system, is perfect for people whether beginners or professionals to handle. Besides,ZW3D is able to work together with 3D printers and improve data accuracy, helping them design and manufacture models effectively and precisely.





"ZW3D is easy-to-learn. The user-friendly and streamlined workflow of ZW3D allows users, whether beginners or professionals, to master ZW3D in no time."

——said by Flashforge

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