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Fritschi AG Swiss Bindings

Fritschi AG Swiss Bindings, the maker of sophisticated binding syste...

2018-07-06 14:57:00 793

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Fritschi AG Swiss Bindings, the maker of sophisticated binding systems for touring, alpine and freeride skiing, recently introduced what has been called the first thoroughbred freeride ski binding, the Diamir Freeride. Freeride skiing, a style of skiing characterized by an all-mountain terrain of cruising, powder, jumps and trees, demands the kind of rugged, sophisticated bindings needed to withstand a variety of conditions and terrains, including jumps, walking, downhill and touring, and yet still remain comfortable. Minimizing muscle strain as well as achieving the level of flexibility and fluidity of motion displayed in the Fritschi bindings is a big challenge. 





Because of its integrated design-through-manufacturing solution and hybrid modeler with advanced surfacing, ZW3D CAD/CAM has been adopted as the solution of choice by Fritschi to produce high-tech products that provide a full range of functionality and features demanded by high-impact skiers. The CAD data will be sent directly to molding and milling operations to shape the synthetic parts for all of their products after the parts are refined.  





"We were inspired by the unlimited possibilities of ZW3D's freeform surfacing and filleting."


 — Fritschi

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