GAMECO Adopts ZW3D to Enhance Data Exchange

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GAMECO mainly deal with mechanical, electronic and plastic aircraft components which require highly accurate 3D simulation. They are therefore under constant pressure to convert 2D drawings to 3D models. In addition, GAMECO has to share and exchange files with different departments and business partners to finish one project. In order to reduce the need for reworking and improve product quality, GAMECO is looking for cost-effective 3D design software that allows their designers to collaborate more effectively and deliver more accurate designs.



GAMECO has selected ZW3D because of its high compatibility with 2D CAD and its smooth data communication. With the reduced number of features needed for creating models, designers can enjoy tighter interoperability when transforming drawings from 2D designs into 3D products with much greater integrity. The updated File Translator optimizes collaboration with more versatile file format support and higher import and export quality, which makes communication among various departments much easier than before.



“When choosing the 3D design software, whether it can quickly create 3D models is our first priority. But ZW3D offers more than that. Compared with other 3D design software, ZW3D is fully functional and compatible with mainstream 2D design software. With its reasonable price, it serves our project needs perfectly well.”

--Mr. Liu, Manager of GAMECO Engineering Department

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