Grand Rapids Spring & Stamping, Inc. (GRS&S)

  •  Speed the communication between design and manufacturing personnel

  •  Advanced healing capability for imported models

  •  Faster processing speed

  •  Shorten the whole manufacturing time by 30%

  •  Easy to update & modify components

  •  Guarantee machining quality 



Focused on the automotive industry, Grand Rapids Spring & Stamping, Inc. (GRS&S), is an industry leader in the manufacture of custom stampings, value added assemblies, springs and slide-formed products. Facing the quality and cost pressures of automotive parts supply, model turnover schedules have shrunk. Typical lead times average just eight weeks, and for a new part, that schedule includes design, build and trial runs. Therefore, GRS&S continually fine-tunes its design and communication technologies as well as its manufacturing processes. That’s why they choose ZW3D to replace the separate CAD and CAM software packages. 





ZW3D CAD/CAM combines 3D solid/surface hybrid modeling and parametric design and drafting capabilities with an integrated CAM package that includes 2- through 5-axis milling. The end-to-end nature of the software facilitates communication between design and manufacturing personnel, and meanwhile provides powerful capabilities in both CAD and CAM. With ZW3D, GRS&S is able to maximize productivity by reducing the whole manufacturing time by 30% and providing good machining quality.  





"With ZW3D software, the manufacturing process is a continuous flow from design through machining."



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