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ZW3D has been selected by Habitat Industries because ZW3D is the m...

2018-07-06 16:55:00 853

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To minimize the operating cost for a CAD/CAM system and to optimize the design process and manufacturing process, Habitat Industries was trying to speed up the modeling process in modeling methodologies and have quick and simple operations with many editable parameters in creating Tool Paths.





Habitat Industries finally selected ZW3D, because ZW3D is the most cost effective fully integrated CAD/CAM system on the South African market. The license and training manuals of ZW3D is permanent and does not expire. It offers Onsite training and full implementations provided by the highly experience team at TDM Solutions. Meanwhile, ZW3D embeds a powerful file translator to work seamlessly with mainstream file formats in industry. It includes parametric and hybrid modeling, assembly simulation, sheet metal design with nesting. ZW3D is a fully integrated CAD and CAM solution from turning up to 5 axis machining and includes QuickMillTM operations, template programs, tool and machine Libraries.





"The pricing of the ZW3D is very competitive, but seems to have more value in it as to what is offered, with no hidden costs, as other packages have. And it is fast and easy to pick up and learn to use, simplifying mold design with 50% time saved. Additionally, the backup service is the best I've come across in the past 16 years, and any software problems get solved almost instantly."


-- Donovan Barnes, the owner of Habitat Industries

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