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ZW3D has been selected by Hardware Labs. Featured with all-in-one C...

2018-07-06 17:35:00 706

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To improve the efficiency of  average design and machining cycle, Hardware labs is in urgent demand to find a suitable CAD/CAM platform which can eliminate this inefficiency, boost productivity and provide greater value for customers.





Hardware Labs chooses ZW3D to help improve  efficiency and optimize productivity. Featured by all-in-one CAD/CAM and convenient user interface, ZW3D helps them work seamlessly between modeling, mold designing and CNC machining in one package with little data loss. As the result, the efficiency has been increased by 50 percent.





“Productivity is as important as price. When I first time came across this software, I was very impressed by the great value that it can offer. The software is extremely easy to use and very powerful. Our tooling design and  machining process has been greatly improved and can now be completed in less than two weeks. We are quite confident that the software can help shorten the production period further to one week or even less.”

----said Wilbert Yuque, the CEO of Hardware Labs 

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