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Healey Werks

The Healey Werks is the premier provider of motor car restoration.

2018-07-09 09:08:00 806

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The Healey Werks is the premier provider of motor car restoration. The challenge can be daunting. Often HW(Healey Werks) is asked to start with less than a complete automobile, and customers will frequently say that they want the car to be more reliable, to stop better, to accelerate faster or to handle better. At that point it becomes a design or R&D situation where HW is pushing beyond where the factory engineers left off.  





ZW3D is used constantly at The Healey Werks. It has been used to design such diverse parts as a trigger wheel sensor for a customer who wanted custom designed traction control, intake manifolds for custom fuel injection, and "out of nothing" suspension elements. Sometimes ZW3D is used to replicate specialized factory tools that are no longer available. ZW3D helps The Healey Werks successfully deal with the sheer age of some of the cars they are restoring. 





"Using ZW3D benefits us and our clients as we raise the bar of quality standards higher and higher."


— The Healey Werks

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