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Founded in 1995, IZUMI engages in the research, development, manufac...

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The ever-changing market and fierce competition leaves IZUMI no choice but to update their products to feed customer’s needs. But the traditional 2D CAD design pattern of IZUMI will greatly block this progress with planar contours no longer fitting for more delicate and intricate components. Turning to 3D CAD design is a must. It’s never easy to find a perfect 3D CAD/CAM platform with data compatibility with 2D formats for their smooth transition.






IZUMI selected ZW3D to help strengthen the new product development and optimize the productivity. Featured by its unique hybrid modeling, ZW3D managed to implement the rapid modification and editing so that engineers can greatly enhance the design efficiency and shorten the design cycle.

With powerful data compatibility, ZW3D helps IZUMI to simplify series of workflow and implement the fully collaboration between 2D CAD and 3D CAD. The newest version ZW3D 2013 SP is excellent in data exchange and it can easily process 4G drawings and models.

ZW3D provides a reliable NC Automatic programming system which could implement the pre-analysis and simulating machining of complicated components and improve the production efficiency of machining. The newest version ZW3D 2013 SP enables the engineers to concentrate on design and innovation instead of simple repeated operations.






“At present, ZWSD is used for developing new samples and producing components. Its modeling and sheet functions greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of the mold design. We started to use it as soon as we purchased this software. Recently we launched a new folding chair which was made by ZW3D in the whole producing process.”

--- A senior engineer Mr. Chen from IZUMI.

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